Wawel Gorzka Krakowska

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Wawel Gorzka Krakowska

I was in my favourite shop for finding strange chocolaty things, and turned up the Wawel Gorzka Krakowska. Just the name is appealing: GORZKA! Say that a few times drawing it out. Sounds like the name of a gangster or underworld figure. The reality is less imaginative. It seems it means bitter. Ah well.

I have to admit, the packaging does get off to a good start, with nice bright colours and the silver bands give an impression of something pretty special.

This is a dark chocolate with Hazelnuts. Any chocolate with hazelnuts can be good or bad, and most of those I come across easily here are a light or milk chocolate, which is a bit on the boring side. So this one seemed like a promising and interesting change. It’s still easy to mess up a chocolate with nuts in, because it they are not fresh and crunchy the result is pretty horrible.

Opening the pack produced a heck of a surprise:

Wawel Gorzka Krakowska

The top of the block is like the top of so many – nice and shiny, some nice patterns in. Nothing offensive at all. Not interesting either. The back though – that’s interesting. This chocolate says it has nuts in, and from the back – DOES IT HAVE NUTS ! I’ve never seen anything like it, there are a LOT of nuts jammed in here. It almost looks like the nuts have been pushed in when the chocolate was poured. Checking the pack – nuts are 17% of the total weight. It shows.

And the chocolate is a 70%. It shows.

The other thing that struck is the aroma – a rich, deep waft from the pack holds great promise for what is to come. Breaking this one up and tasting has been a sheer pleasure. The dark chocolate is rich, though not very bitter at all in spite of the name, and mercifully, not too sweet. The nuts are fresh, crunchy, and have some flavour. The combination works really well, and having lots of nuts is a really pleasant discovery. And all this for under $3!! Amazingly good value. The clever Polish folks at Wawel have a winner here. I can’t praise this enough. Mightily impressed.


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  1. it means “bitter” indeed (however I don’t really know why…;)

    this chocolate is even cheaper in Poland – it does not even cost 1.5 $ 🙂

    I use “Krakowska Gorzka” plain (without hazelnuts) for cooking

    regards from Poland

  2. If I could recommend sth… Try these candies: http://www.wawel.com.pl/en/produkty/item/g,1017,p,1165,Kukulka_12g.html

    I love them, they should be available in any Polish store in the USA

    P.S. In the previous comment I mentioned about this chocolate: http://www.wawel.com.pl/pl/produkty/item/g,36,p,107,gorzka_krakowska.html . This is something between very dark and low sweet. I use it because not everyone likes chocolate of 90% cocoa solid in 100 grams, and the result of cooking with it is very well.

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