Lindt Grandeur 34% Hazelnuts

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Lindt Grandeur 34% Hazelnuts

I don’t believe this is an entirely new Lindt product, but as I don’t remember seeing it before and as it features one of my favorite chocolate combinations, hazelnut, it had to come along home with me. Being milk chocolate, it was also just the thing my sweet tooth happened to be seeking.

There is a 34 percentage of hazelnuts, but no word on the cacao content. From its darker shade and more firm taste, it seems to lurk on the darker edge of milk chocolate. If you’re still not a milk chocolate person, you’re in luck: there is also a dark version of this bar.

Lindt Grandeur 34% Hazelnuts

Both whole hazelnuts and caramelized pieces are used here, meaning that there is quite a bit of crunch. As you can see, there is a good amount of them scattered about the chocolate. Every so often, you get the more crystal crunch of the caramelized pieces to add some variety. The back of the wrapper calls this “the ultimate indulgence for hazelnut lovers.” True if it’s the whole hazelnuts you like. Normally, though, I prefer the smooth and impeccable blending of hazelnut and chocolate. Well, guess what? That’s here, too.

Lindt Grandeur 34% Hazelnuts

Tasting a bit of the chocolate without any nuts in it, the hazelnut taste is still there in the creamy, milky, chocolatey flavor. Whether that’s rubbed off from the rest of the bar, an inherent nuttiness, or just leftover from the previous mouthful, I like it. Lindt milk chocolate has enough creaminess to it that even paired with major crunching, it holds its own.

This is what Lindt does for me — a sweet indulgence with their milk chocolate and a nice flavor combination to add to it. Nothing new about this bar, but it comes along with a guarantee of enjoyment. Now if you’ll excuse me while I go hide the second half from myself.


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