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There I was, feet firmly planted in the Dark Side, feeling happy with my choice, secure with my tastes, minding my own business. Then all of a sudden my beady eyes fixated on the most sign most sought after and revered by chocaholics the world over. Those three magic words: Lindt on Sale.

Whilst the range of Lindt in Australia is less than what the lucky Europeans – and experts such as our Simon – regularly enjoy, I tend to pride myself on keeping tabs on what we do have available and in making sure that my taste buds get to try each one. However, I hadn’t seen this little fella on our shelves before. Lindt Wafer: milk chocolate with wafer and hazelnut cream centre. Nothing about the packaging or description leaped out at me necessarily, but it was intriguing if only because of Lindt’s worldwide reputation for never mucking things up.

Twelve squares instead of their usual ten, so there was no squabbling for that mystical fourth piece out of ten in our three person household. And the taste? Wow. This was a genuine revelation. Milk chocolate – yes it’s sweet, yes, it’s very creamy but yes it’s extremely delicious and, dare I write this, but as and more-ish as dark chocolate. The wafer filling was delicately thin and folded over via some inexplicably elegant feat of modern engineering and had a lovely crunch with a hint of toffee for that extra crispy crackle. The hazelnut cream revealed itself to the senses a few moments later, blending in expertly with the milk chocolate after the final crunch of the wafer had gone. This milk chocolate was truly superb and I never thought that things as humble and everyday as a wafer and hazelnut could be so divine.

This block is like the unsung sidekick to the superhero; the Lone Ranger’s Tonto; Batman’s Robin or Snickers’ Mr T. Despite the unassuming packaging shyly hiding behind the pistachio crème and the 70% excellence, this lovely block is just as deserving of accolades, attention and my appetite.


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  1. Oh I love this version of the Lindt bar. It is such a great taste and I am a huge fan of filled chocolate 🙂 Nice review!

  2. Thanks Franzi. I’ll get another block of this and as I sink my teeth into it, I’ll think of your kind words! 🙂

  3. Maggie

    Haven’t seen the block version of this one, but one day I found a Twix-like double finger in one of my local shops. Needless to say, I tried it – and instantly became a fan. Waffles add texture, and the chocolate is delicious: creamy, milky, sumptuous. Well, after all, it’s Lindt.

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