Hachez Bits ‘n Fits Espresso

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The English language is a wonderful thing, especially when manipulated by non-native speakers (witness the hilarious engrish.com if you need to know more). Whilst in Germany some time ago (these have been languishing in a compartment of my fridge for a good while, unnoticed among the jars of anchovies and pesto) I spotted these and had to buy them on name alone. The packaging was another reason I wanted them – a slim silver tin with a neat little sliding mechanism.

When I read the contents list I half wondered whether the ‘Fits’ element referred to the caffeine and guarana mixture that lay beneath the chocolatey exterior. Surely they couldn’t be THAT stimulating?

A 55.5% chocolate shell will at least ensure huge sales in China (and I wonder if that was deliberate?) and it’s a slightly bitter dark chocolate which very quickly gives way to the coffee (nay, espresso) flavoured hazelnut brittle interior. The interior is buttery, crispy and reminded me of the nutty bits in a Daim ball. In fact, I’d go so far as to say that these resembled tiny, coffee flavoured Daim balls. But German. And likely to induce nervous tics or hyperactivity in the caffeine sensitive.

I found them quite tasty myself, and the fact they’re so small makes it all to easy to monster up half a tin just by sitting at one’s keyboard composing a review.

Excuse me, I think I need to go and do something vigorous.


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  1. “A 55.5% chocolate shell will at least ensure huge sales in China (and I wonder if that was deliberate?)”

    Uhh…what? Decided to slip some Engrish into the review yourself there, Simon, or have I missed something here?

  2. Hahaha, that name is hilarious. Even being German this doesn’t make any sense at all! Or maybe I’ve been away for too long and missed out on some trend…

  3. Simon (Chocablog Staff)

    Terry – 5 is considered a lucky number.
    555 cigarettes were HUGE in China for that very reason (so I seem to remember), so a 55.5% chocolate may well be considered auspicous.

  4. clau

    these are my all time favorite chocolate candies.i’ve discovered them a year ago and got addicted…if anyone knows where i could order them online please let me know.

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