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Paul A Young Valentines Chocolates

An exciting collection for the one you love.

Lauden Chocolate Brownies

One woman's quest for the perfect brownie.

Galeta Chocolate Brownies

Gooey chocolate brownies from Galeta

Paul A Young Marmite Brownie

A brownie? With Marmite?

The Perfect Brownie

In search of answers to an age old question.

Paul A Young Hot Cross Bun Brownie

An Easter treat from Paul A Young

Paul A Young Valentine’s Chipotle Brownie

Made with chipotle chilli, muscovado and maldon salt.

BiteMe Brownies

Dark and Belgian chocolate brownies form BiteMe.

Lallapolosa Salted Caramel Pecan Dreams Brownie

Deliciously gooey and crunchy brownies from Lallapolosa.

Honeybuns Chocolate Cakes

A range of gluten-free cakes, cookies and brownies from Dorset.

Gail’s Bakery Christmas Selection

Chocolatey, Christmassy and boozey baked goods from Gail's.

Pillsbury Sweet Moments

Bite-sized chocolate covered cake pieces from Pillsbury.

Paul A. Young Billingtons Simnel Brownie

There's no question in my mind that this is the best brownie in the world. If you don't manage to get hold of one between now and Easter, then you're missing out.

Knead Bakery Chocolate Brownie & Cookies

Allergy free cookies and brownies from Knead Bakery.

Paul A. Young Valentine’s Selection

Time for more Valentine’s chocolates, this time from the always awesome Paul A. Young. As you’d expect from Paul, everything looks amazing, so I just thought I’d show you lots of pretty pictures.

Sugargrain ‘Winter’ Brownies

Having never received cake in the post before, it was lovely to be sent a batch of brownies from Sugargrain (aka Caroline Aherne). What was even lovelier (and for reasons that will become apparent, really lovely) was that about a …

Blue Basil Brownie

This little brownie was part of my goody bag at the recent Divine Chocolate cocktail evening in Marylebone. As you might expect, it’s using Divine chocolate (their 85% dark chocolate and their milk chocolate), along with lots of organic goodness. …

The Great Brownie Bake-Off

Brownie overload in Old Street!

Sugargrain Brownies

I was introduced to Caroline Aherne by a mutual friend a while ago – back when Caroline was selling at Covent Garden Market (she’s now at the monthly Real Food Festival market) and at a time when she was thinking …

Brownie Points Brownies

We’re definitely in a brownie kind of mood lately, and this particular box of brownies was un unexpected gift at the end of our little afternoon tea at Tea Party in Finchley. Brownie Points is a London-based brownie maker with …

Preview: The Great Brownie Bake Off

Everyone loves brownies, which is why I’m excited about The Great Brownie Bake Off which is taking place at the Look Mum No Hands Café in Old Street, London on Saturday October 9th. The event is being organised by our …

Lucky’s Chocolate Enrobed Cakes

This is more of a preview than a review, because these attractive chocolate enrobed cakes and brownies won’t actually be available until next month. Lucky’s sent us three cakes (“Sour Kick”, “Fancy Fudge”, “Nutty Delay”) and three brownies (“Mocha Madness”, …

Popina White Chocolate & Coffee Truffle Brownie

I picked this little beauty up from the Popina stand at the Real Food Festival at Earls Court on Friday. According to their web site, it’s made with 72% dark chocolate, white chocolate and coffee, but I wanted to see …

Aspen Brownie Works

In 2004, Jill and Jim Pomeroy started Cloud Nine Brownies as a small, local Colorado business. After some growth, they’re recently changed names to Aspen Brownie Works, drawing off of the Aspen Highlands, located just by their new kitchen. I …

Gü Brownies

Brownies. Odd things when you think about it. One basic recipe with one perfect outcome, but variations abound. Some use nuts, others just fruit, others fruit, nuts and marshmallows. Everyone seems to have a slightly different take. For example, Paul …

Paul A. Young Brownie

Some say that Paul A. Young produces the best chocolate brownies in London. (Crikey, I sound like Jeremy Clarkson introducing the Stig!). Having thoroughly enjoyed Thornton’s Mini Brownies, I was pleasantly surprised to find one of Paul’s brownies in my …

Thorntons Mini Brownies

Since the rest of the Chocablog team seem to be in a cakey/biscuity mood, I thought I’d join in and review these tempting little morsels from our old friends Thorntons. When I picked them up there was an introductory offer …

Breyers Double Churn French Chocolate & Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

Ice cream time again! When I opened these up to see if they would be distinguishable in a picture if I put them in the same bowl, I found myself looking at two identicals. One just had some brownie bits …
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