The Great Brownie Bake-Off

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Saturday saw an early start to Chocolate Week with The Great Brownie Bake-Off at Look Mum No Hands, a cycling cafe in Old Street.

The event was organised by Louise Thomas, The Chocolate Consultant, and she clearly did a stellar job as there were over 20 entrants, and the cafe was packed all day. The judging panel was as large as it was varied, with the likes of Paul A. Young, Jennifer Earle, Abi Phillips from The Cake Nest and fellow food bloggers Lee McCoy, Kavey and Mathilde Dewilde all giving their opinions.

I was asked if I’d like to be a judge myself, but opted for the far easier task of taking photos and sampling leftovers instead.

Through the day, the crowd were entertained by baking demonstrations, from Gü Puds, Edd Kimber, winner of The Great British Bake-Off, Sugargrain’s Caroline Aherne, Sasha Jenner form Hobbs House Bakery, and Masterchef finalist Stacie Stewart.

Judging was clearly tough. The quality of the brownies was variable, and judges had to sample every one, good and bad. As I stood watching them, I was quite glad to be behind the camera, rather than being force fed while some annoying blogger took photos.

But they sampled and rated each brownie meticulously, and in the end, there was a clear winner.

Even though I wasn’t entering or judging, this was still a fun event to attend, and I hope Louise organises another next year. If there’s any more entrants next time, I’d love to see preliminary judging done beforehand, and perhaps get the finalists in to bake “live”. That would be be exciting to watch, and perhaps be a little easier on the hard working judges!

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  1. Simon

    I’d have a hard time deciding whether to judge, blog or enter!

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