Breyers Double Churn French Chocolate & Chocolate Fudge Brownie Ice Cream

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Ice cream time again! When I opened these up to see if they would be distinguishable in a picture if I put them in the same bowl, I found myself looking at two identicals. One just had some brownie bits hidden in it. Where’s the swirl of fudge from the box cover? So I decided to put them together for the picture, just to illustrate. You can’t tell they’re different kinds at all.

Definitely easy to tell this is double-churned. It scoops out of the container and melts quickly. Which I like because I like to let ice cream melt a little anyway so it doesn’t freeze my teeth.

The French Chocolate, which I was curious about, reminded me of a sort of French Vanilla coffee. I guess that’s where the “French” part comes from. The Chocolate Fudge Brownie tastes much the same, but with a little less flavor. And the “brownies.” Whatever brand, brownie pieces never seem to taste right. Some even taste bad. These don’t, but they’re still not too great.

So we’re looking at some pretty average ice cream here. Not a fancy dessert or even really a satisfaction to a chocolate craving. But if you’re just looking for something cool this summer, I’d recommend the French over the odd Fudge Brownie.


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  1. BMNS

    The best pieces of brownies will always come from a tub of Ben&Jerry’s Chocolate Therapy 😛
    But I’m a Haagen Dazs Strawberry&Cream girl myself.

  2. Adrian

    The Triple Chocolate Breyers is my fave. White, milk, and dark chocolate! Yum!

  3. Jennifer L

    This is awesome! Im on weigth watchers and one serving is only 1 point!

  4. Francine

    Would you please let me know if you are still producting the Chocolate fudge brownie free ice cream. I cannot find it in any store.
    Thank you,

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