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Frey Chocobloc Orange

Toblerone meets Terry's Chocolate Orange

Beschle Matcha

White chocolate with matcha tea.

Goldkenn Jack Daniel’s Milk Chocolate

Milk chocolate with Jack Daniel's

Idilio Origins No. 2 Selección Amiara Meridena

A 72% dark chocolate from Venezuelan beans.

Idilio Origins #3 Selección Cata Ocumare

A creamy, fruity dark chocolate from Swiss company Idilio made using Venezuelan Ocumare beans.

Idilio Origins Ocumare No. 3 With Raspberries

Swiss chocolate maker Idilio's Venezuelan bar with raspberries. Lots of raspberries.

Beschle Madagascar Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

An updated and refined pistachio & fleur de sel bar from Swizz chocolatier Beschel

Wander Ovomaltine

One thing I’ll say about being a Chocablogger – you get to find out some very interesting historical facts from time to time. Take Ovaltine, for instance. Did you know that it’s only called ‘Ovaltine’ in the English speaking world? …

Beschle Grand Cru Collection Noir

We’ve looked at a couple of solid chocolate bars from Beschle, so now it’s time for some truffles. Previously, Simon had loved his Fleur de Sel & Pistachio bar, while I wasn’t quite so enthusiastic about the milk chocolate Montélimar. …

Läderach Grapefruit & Lemongrass

Here we have another offering from Läderach, a company whose products I found in abundance at Berlin’s Schönefeld Airport. This particular bar offered me another take on grapefruit (my previous experience being grapefruit and chilli) paired with lemongrass – something …

Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

Time for another bar from Swiss chocolate maker Beschle. Previously, Simon enjoyed their dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel and pisatachio, but this time I have something that sounds more traditionally Swiss – a milk chocolate with small pieces of …

Swiss Army Energy Bar Chocolate

My latest finding at that lovely store, World Market, is this Swiss Army bar they import from none other than Switzerland. It’s one of the things that when you see it, realize it’s chocolate, you just have to try out …

Villars Dark Chocolate With Coffee

I’ve had this bar in my stash box for some time now, but I think I originally liberated it from my local Waitrose. It’s a thin, flat, 100g bar from Swiss chocolate maker Villlars. It comes in a rather nice …

Goldkenn Grand Marnier

I found this bar in my local Budgens supermarket (yes, I’m that posh), nestled in with the usual Nestlé and Cadbury suspects. We’ve never reviewed anything from Goldkenn, so obviously this had to go straight into my basket. Goldkenn are …

Läderach Absinthe Truffle

Having been quite literally bitterly disappointed by the Absinthe bar from Venchi I tasted last year, I was hoping for better things from this truffle bar I found in Berlin. Rudolf Läderach is a Swiss chocolatier and this is a …

Läderach Curry, Cocos & Banane

It’s been a while since I had my hands on any of what we might term the ‘more unusual’ chocolate (Paul A. Young’s Sandalwood bar being a recent exception) so when I saw this in Berlin I just HAD to …

Camille Bloch Mousse Chocolat Noir

Dark chocolate with a mousse filling.

Camille Bloch Torino / Torino Noir

Note: For another opinion, you can find Ashleigh’s review of the milk chocolate Torino here. Apparently in the 1940s there was a new development in the world of confectionery machinery that allowed creamier, softer fillings to be inserted inside chocolate …

Camille Bloch Williams and Grappa

Courtesy of Rainer and Oliver at Premier Food and Beverages comes two liqueur blocks from third-generation Swiss-based chocolate company Camille Bloch. Established by Camille in 1929, the company is now being helmed by third-generation family members Daniel and Stephane Bloch. …

Kägi-Fret Coco

Every now and then, that dusty little shop around the corner – you know the one, it sells everything from flowers to light globes and salami – has some unusual bars of chocolate hidden near the out-of-date packets of Tim …

Camille Bloch Torino

This is another from the stable of Camille Bloch and the European vacation. Just like the Camille Bloch Kirsch, this was bought at a small Swiss railway station, when we had a bit of time to kill. Unlike the Kirsch, …

Camille Bloch Kirsch

Apart from the marriage of ginger and chocolate, one of the great pairings has to be chocolate and alcohol. Preferably the alcoholic thingy should have a bit of flavour. I don’t know that vodka quite cuts the mustard. Be all …


Mountain-shapded honey & nougat milk chocolate.
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