Läderach Curry, Cocos & Banane

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Läderach Curry, Cocos & Banane

It’s been a while since I had my hands on any of what we might term the ‘more unusual’ chocolate (Paul A. Young’s Sandalwood bar being a recent exception) so when I saw this in Berlin I just HAD to buy it. Curry, coconut and banana in white chocolate? How would they pull that one off, I wondered? It’s certainly not the sort of combination to spring immediately to mind is it? (Well, unless you’re in student accommodation, it’s 3am or so and you’re suddenly seized with creative hunger).

We’re not told the cocoa content of this particular bar, but in the light of the other ingredients it really doesn’t matter. As you bite into this chocolate you begin to appreciate that 4% is quite a bit. Sweet chocolate and dessicated coconut release their flavours, and a hint of bnana creeps in. It’s only towards the end of the whole business that you begin to ‘get’ the curry. It’s subtle at first, but eat a couple of pieces and wait a minute or so. As I breathed out I caught a whiff of turmeric and a hint of spice. A couple of squares later and the curry flavour is in full effect, mingling with the lighter, fruit flavours to create an interesting and not unpleasant blend of sweet and spice.

This is the sort of thing I’ve come to thing of as ‘surprise’ chocolate. It’s the “Here, try this. You won’t believe it.” sort of chocolate that people ask you about from time to time. It’s a potential answer to the “What’s the weirdest chocolate you’ve ever tasted?” question. Not unpleasant, well balanced and well executed, but there’s no way you’d hunt this down as a regular nibble, is there?

Full marks for ingenuity and boundary-pushing though. I can think of a few people I’ll be offering this to in the coming days.


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  1. Oooh, I’m a fan of Theo’s Coconut Curry bar and Vosges’ Naga bar, so would love to try this. May just be forced to add Germany to the upcoming Europe travel itinerary…

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