Villars Dark Chocolate With Coffee

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Villars Dark Chocolate With Coffee

I’ve had this bar in my stash box for some time now, but I think I originally liberated it from my local Waitrose. It’s a thin, flat, 100g bar from Swiss chocolate maker Villlars.

It comes in a rather nice thin card box and silver foil, and once you manage to rip the foil away, you’re greeted with one of the prettiest looking bars I’ve seen for some time.

Villars Dark Chocolate With Coffee

But appearances aren’t everything, and while this bar looks beautiful, a quick glance at the ingredients list on the box reveals the chocolate is only 50% cocoa solids. That’s pretty weak, to say the least.

And the coffee? Well that accounts for 8% of the bar and is described as “coffee crispies” – granules of what look, feel and taste like instant coffee. And those crispies are only 14% coffee themselves. By my calculations, that makes this bar about 50% chocolate and 1% coffee. The rest? Well, mainly sugar of course.

Despite all that though, this bar turns out to be quite pleasant. The flavours are actually quit nice and despite what it says on the ingredients list, it doesn’t taste too sweet. There’s none of the brain-jarring intensity of Green & Black’s Espresso bar, meaning quite possible to eat more than two chunks in one session without dying. That’s one thing it’s got over Green & Black’s.

As someone who isn’t that into strong coffee, that’s a big plus point for me, but the fact remains the actual chocolate just isn’t as good as I was hoping for. It’s a sweet, weak, black coffee, with no real depth to the flavour.

Unfortunately, I don’t think the real coffee lovers will be won over by something like that – and the non coffee lovers probably wouldn’t buy it in the first place.


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  1. sheila Lye

    can’t seem to get villars dark chocolate with coffee anywhere these days I’m so cross because I have only just found this luxury chocolate after my other favourite chocolate Lindt excellence coffee intense seem to have been withdrawn from the shops.Help please I have withdrawal symptoms,I would buy a big box load of them if only I could know where.

  2. Brad Shark

    I love Villars dark chocolate with coffee, also. The only place I have found it was when visiting Montreal. I discovered it there two years ago and fell in love with it., went back to Montreal December 2010 and had a hard time finding it. I stocked up, but the stash is now history. Anyone know where it can be purchased online?

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