Camille Bloch Torino

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This is another from the stable of Camille Bloch and the European vacation.

Just like the Camille Bloch Kirsch, this was bought at a small Swiss railway station, when we had a bit of time to kill. Unlike the Kirsch, this one, was Youngest Son’s choice.

I had thought he was happy to leave it in the pile of euro-choc, waiting for his crazy father to photograph and review it. Imagine my horror, then, a couple of days ago to find the pack opened. When I asked about it, Youngest Son replied “WELL IT IS MINE!!”

I’ve begged a stay of execution for long enough to dash off a quick pic, though even this was fraught with danger. I wanted a photo with atmosphere: something to convey our southern hemisphere warmth and sunlight – what better than against the Rosemary in full bloom? Youngest Son promptly told me I was doing it all wrong, so the photo composition is his. Fair enough, I suppose, seeing as I managed to extract it from his clutches for a few moments.

The Torino is a “Fine Swiss Milk Chocolate with Truffle Filling”. Youngest Son thinks its pretty damn good. I found it to be very soft, and very sweet. There is a hint of nuttiness from the hazelnuts (7%) and almonds (4%). A check on the back of the pack shows sugar at the number one on the list, and it does show. The other one that stood out is “hardened vegetable fat”. This screams Compound Chocolate at me. And how is the vegetable fat hardened? I’ll forgive these transgressions, because it’s quite nice. But because of the sweetness, you really don’t need more than one or two pieces at a time. This is one for the kids, and for those who don’t like a dark chocolate.

For those readers in Europe who might have a chance of finding this, give it a go – you won’t find anything like it from some of the other big chocolate factories. It’s not something I’d want every day, but it does make a pleasant change.

Now I can undo the chains on Youngest Son and let him polish it off!


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  1. Ah, you’re a wonderful father, Ashleigh! I think you’re right though – best leave the ‘hardened vegetable fat’ to the youngsters!

  2. I find Swiss chocolate a bit sweet to be honest!

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