Swiss Army Energy Bar Chocolate

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Swiss Army Energy Bar Chocolate

My latest finding at that lovely store, World Market, is this Swiss Army bar they import from none other than Switzerland. It’s one of the things that when you see it, realize it’s chocolate, you just have to try out of curiosity. An “energy bar” dark chocolate with “cornflakes and guarana” isn’t something I see every day, at least. The guarana extract, which comes from a berry, is the main energy contributor, though the 20 grams (out of 50) of sugar could ostensibly have an effect, too, couldn’t they?

The six rectangles of this small bar are dark in color, with a heavy or solid smell, as of a substantial substance. It’s of that thick-tasting chocolate breed I generally don’t care for; in this case, however, it’s more of a brownie taste. The sweet/dark combination you get at 55% goes off well, instead of the all-too-easy awkward direction it can go in.

Swiss Army Energy Bar Chocolate

Now, the cornflakes are quite interesting. The light cereal crunch really has nothing comparable — it isn’t like nuts or puffed rice in the least. the lightness adds a unique touch, as does the taste. That not quite sweet taste isn’t blaring, yet it lends an apparent flavor.

It’s a rather sweet chocolate. That addictive cornflake crunch would make me want to eat it faster, but the sweetness means that one or two pieces are enough. Hence, if you do want to try out the whole bar for energy, be warned. And don’t forget the amusing warning they put on the back: “contains caffeine – do not give to children.” But they can drink soft drinks day and night without a similar statement on those labels? Okay…

Really, I don’t think everyone will pay the “warning” any mind — it’s easy to see the design of this bar and think it will be something kids might find cool. Make your own choices, and I’ll say that it works on the slight-novelty and snacking taste levels.


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  1. What is guarana? Sounds like something bats leave behind. :o)

  2. yeah, if I saw this in a store, I would have to look twice to actually realize its chocolate! I too wouldn’t be able to resist trying it!

  3. Nuttermonk

    Here you go Pam, and anyone else who doesn’t know what Guarana is.

    I would buy this like I shot if I saw it. It’s simply grand for existing.

  4. filipe

    i bought it yesterday and it is delicious.

    guarana is a kind of berry u find usually in brasil i guess. they even make a drink (soda) from that and it is also delicious. u should try the soda if u can find it. it’s like drinking a natural coca cola 😛

  5. I wanted to thank you for this great read!! I certainly enjoyed every little bit of it.

    I have got you bookmarked to check out new stuff you post…

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