Frey Chocobloc Orange

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Frey Chocobloc Orange

Here’s a little piece of Swiss confectionery that I picked up in Prague.

Now I wouldn’t normally buy Swiss confectionery, but there was something about this particular creation that caught my eye. Something in the name – Frey Chocobloc Orange – seemed…. familiar. I was drawn to it.

Now, as far as I can tell, Chocobloc is made by inserting two bars of Toblerone into Geneva’s Large Hadron Collider and firing them together at extremely high velocity.

Frey Chocobloc Orange

Break a piece off, and you’ll find it’s quite Toblerone-like on the inside too. The thick milk chocolate is filled with thick pieces of almond honey nougat that taste almost exactly the same as their Toblerone counterparts.

In fact, the only real difference flavour-wise is the addition of orange flavouring to the milk chocolate.

Frey Chocobloc Orange

And if you want to know what they tastes like, simply imagine a stray Terry’s Chocolate Orange had accidentally found itself in the Collider along with those two bars of Toblerone. It’s exactly the same kind of fake orange flavour – although looking at the ingredients, it is actually described as “orange juice powder”, so it may have seen a real orange at some point in its life.

As you might expect, it’s sweet, confectionery chocolate and not particularly great. At 34% cocoa solids, it’s still got about 50% more cocoa in it than the likes of Dairy Milk, but that’s not saying a lot really.

I did – eventually – consume the whole of this 100g bar, and as cheap confectionery goes, it does the job of fulfilling a sugar craving quite effectively. But it’s not something I’d buy again.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m just off to consult my lawyers about that name…


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  1. Frey is one of the most popular chocolate brands in Switzerland (the number one seller too I believe) so I’ve always found it strange that it’s not widely available in the UK. I know it’s from the lower end of the market but I’ve always enjoyed their chocolate bars. There are quite a few varieties in the Chocobloc range and I especially like the Chocobloc Air which is an aerated nougat chocolate – basically a cross between a Toblerone and a Wispa!

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