Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

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Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

Time for another bar from Swiss chocolate maker Beschle. Previously, Simon enjoyed their dark chocolate with Fleur de Sel and pisatachio, but this time I have something that sounds more traditionally Swiss – a milk chocolate with small pieces of nougat.

Again, we have some quality packaging to extract before getting to the goods. I’m clearly a sucker for anything wrapped in gold foil.

Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

The chocolate is a 38% Venezuelan Criollo, which has a slightly soft feel and less than glossy appearance than some. That’s not uncommon for a milk chocolate, but there’s less of a satisfying snap when you break off a piece, and close inspection reveals lots of small air bubbles along with the nougat.

Those nougat pieces are very small, but you get plenty of them, as you can see.

Beschle Grand Cru Montélimar

The nougat is made with almonds, hazelnuts and pistachios, but the chocolate is still the dominant force here. It’s sweet and creamy, and when combined with the nougat is strongly reminiscent of Toblerone – except for the fact that it lacks that distinctive honey flavoured edge that a Toblerone has.

It probably says as much about me as it does about the chocolate, but with every chunk of this, I found myself wanting it to be more like a Toblerone. If it could just give me that little bit of extra flavour, I’d be happy. Yet despite feeling it was lacking something, it was incredibly moreish, and I found myself scoffing most of the bar quite quickly.

There’s no doubting this is a good looking bar, but it’s also true that you could replicate much of the experience with something as cheap and simple as Toblerone. A small part of me is kicking myself for giving Simon the better Beschle bar instead of this (yes I’m evil) but never mind, I’ve still got more in my stash…


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  1. Simon

    A small part of me is still thanking you for it though.

  2. I accidently bought this bar today but I wasn’t dissapointed after tasting it. The chocolate isn’t too sweet, the nougat pieces are tasty with their light honey flavour.

    (In Germany, nougat often means that amazingly sweet brown hazelnut-almond mass. I really hate that stuff, so I was happy about the white nougat.)

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