Goldkenn Jack Daniel’s Milk Chocolate

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Goldkenn Jack Daniel's Milk Chocolate

Just over three years ago (when Dom still liked sugary treats) he reviewed a similar bar to this, made by the same company, Goldkenn, and containing Grand Marnier.

Well it’s my turn to test a Goldkenn liqueur bar, and it happens to contain what is possibly my least favourite ‘whiskey’ – Jack Daniel’s. Like Harley Davidson, Jack Daniel’s seems to have been aggressively marketed to the point where the brand can be seen on everything from mouse mats to wallets, so it’s hardly surprising that this bar was conceived.

In essence it’s the same chocolate as the Grand Marnier bar – 37% cacao milk chocolate made in the classic Swiss style. It also has the same thick, crunchy sugar shell inside the chocolate to keep the liquid centre from spoiling the chocolate. And the filling? Alas, not Jack Daniel’s, but a “Jack Daniel’s Syrup” – yep, more sugar.

Goldkenn Jack Daniel's Milk Chocolate

The effect of this accumulation of sweetness is fairly obvious. Nothing stands out much at all other than the sugar. There’s a hint of alcohol mixed with sugar, some chocolate mixed with sugar, and a mouthful of sugar pieces to contend with at the finish.

Still, I suppose brand loyalty will mean that this sells reasonably well, but as an example of good chocolate it fails miserably. Perhaps one of our artisan chocolate maker friends should have a go at making a ‘proper’ version of this (although I would take one of Paul A Young’s Bourbon truffles over a bar of this sickly stuff any day).

Buy it for your Dad/Boyfriend if you can’t think of anything else. Otherwise, why bother?


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