Kägi-Fret Coco

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Kägi-Fret Coco

Every now and then, that dusty little shop around the corner – you know the one, it sells everything from flowers to light globes and salami – has some unusual bars of chocolate hidden near the out-of-date packets of Tim Tams. Kägi-Fret Coco was there, and seeing as it was well within its ‘best by’ date and was made by the intriguing sounding Toggenburger of Switzerland, it seemed worth a try. And no – I have no idea if Toggernburger is a local minced meat patty or a family surname and as for Kägi-Fret, it just sounded cute.

The packaging – of which nothing is written in English except for the Australian importers’ details – reminds me of a toothpaste tube and is perhaps aimed at children rather than grown ups. That and because it is a mere 25 grams. Hence the reason why it was necessary to buy two.

Kägi-Fret Coco

As you can see, it’s a small, unassuming, ordinary-looking bar with a fairly thin layer of chocolate. After gently coaxing it out of it’s tight wrapper, a rather pleasant sweet vanilla smell emerged, making the effort seem worth it.

An eager bite revealed two layers of a divine, fluffy white, coconut-flavoured crème wafer filling. It tasted utterly divine and the tiny 25 grams of snack heaven disappeared in seconds. The second bar was on hand to give me the opportunity to behave more calmly and assess the Kagi fret a bit more maturely.

Nope. All gone. Just that delectable More – Please – MORE sensation of exquisitely thin and crunchy wafer, a marshmallowy soft creamy filling that sandwiches them together and covered with a sweet milk chocolate. Three delightful taste sensations that work wonderfully well.

My only gripe is the meagre size. Please, Toggenburger buddies – why not make this a 50 gram bar, or, better still, a 100 gram block?


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  1. Susanne

    Mmmh, I’ve never had this version, but sounds good! I only know the classic one filled with chocolate cream, which is divine. My relatives from Switzerland always have to send me some – and you get it in 400g packs!

  2. 400 gram packs you say, Susanne? Well, that’s much more civilised!

  3. Dana

    I LOVE THESE!! They are my favorite candy bar/cookie.
    Do you know where I can buy them online and have them shipped to California??

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