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Côte D’Or Tamun

Milk chocolate with coriander and caramelised pecan.

Philadelphia With Cadbury: Death Of A Brand?

Reporting on the launch of Philadelphia with Cadbury chocolate.

Pavlidis Dark Chocolate

You have no idea how hard it is to research an unknown chocolate when you not only don’t speak the language, but also can’t read the alphabet. Makes it quite tough to type things into Google. Luckily, the two words …

Lu Pim’s Raspberry

After my previous encounter with LU biscuits, I’d thought that was the end of the matter. So imagine my surprise when in the same supermarket recently and I found there are more “European Biscuits” to try. This time around, it’s …

Freia Premium Passion Fruit

Freia is a long established Norwegian chocolate manufacturer, with a shop in Oslo since the late nineteenth century. Rebranded in Sweden and elsewhere as Marabou (due to existing copyright problems), Freia was bought out by Kraft some years ago. The …

Lu Petit Écolier

As I was poking about in my local Foodland supermarket a few days ago, I stumbled upon LU Petit Écolier biscuits. Part of the attraction / interest was that these sell themselves as “European Biscuits”. Down here in the wide …

Milka & Daim

Two of the world's favourite chocolate bars in one.

Milka Alpine Milk

Creamy milk chocolate

Korona Espresso Tablets

Sometimes it isn’t that easy being an International Chocablogger. Take, for instance, my recent visit to Kiev. As is the case with so many European countries, there are kiosks on the streets which sell cigarettes, sweets, alcohol and foodstuffs. The …

Toblerone Dark

Dark chocolate pyramid chunks with honey nougat.

Milka Alpine Cream

Creamy milk chocolate with a creamy filling.

Daim Bar

Daim is a little bar (28g) with a long history. It was developed in the 1950s by Marabou who were acquired by Kraft in 1993. The bar is now Kraft branded, although it is still made in Sweden. Until a …


Mountain-shapded honey & nougat milk chocolate.
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