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You have no idea how hard it is to research an unknown chocolate when you not only don’t speak the language, but also can’t read the alphabet. Makes it quite tough to type things into Google.

Luckily, the two words on the back of these Greek chocolate bars that I did understand were “Kraft Foods”, and with a bit of research I was able to find the name of the brand and take things from there.

So the two bars we have here are a 70% dark chocolate and a strange “dark looking” bar with orange pieces, that as fast as I can make it is only 35% cocoa solids.

Despite being a little bit battered, the chocolate survived its travels in good condition with no blooming, and I find myself quite liking the design.

Aside from the orange bar having a slightly paler colour, both bars look the same.

The aroma of the dark chocolate bar immediately reminded me of the ION dark chocolate with mastic that I reviewed last year. I have no idea if this bar is also made with mastic, but putting it into random products does seem to be a peculiarly Greek thing to do.

It has an interesting flavour as well, but rather than the pine-like taste of the ION Mastic bar, this one has the distinct flavour of peanuts. It’s quite odd.

The orange bar is much sweeter, and although it does have some of the same underlying aromas and flavours, the sugar and candied orange are the predominant flavours. It reminds me of Cadbury’s Bournville – more confectionery than real chocolate.

Without knowing more about these bars, how they’re sold and who they’re aimed at, it’s difficult to write in much detail about them. I would imagine they’re the kind of thing you’d find in Greek newsagents, rather than in a chocolate shop. They’re interesting to try once, but ultimately I wouldn’t buy them for myself.


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  1. Myrto

    You are right! you can find them in newsagents (“periptera” in Greek) and supermarkets.
    However these bars have a long history in Greece and I personally have managed to survive many exams reading nights with them by my side. However recently they have changed the packaging and i feel it has altered the taste. It used to be paper wrapping. The same company “Pavlides” have a great milk chocolate called “Lacta”.
    And since you have tried ION chocolates check this one out “Serano”

  2. Narcisa Rodriguez

    I agree with previous comment, since “Kraft” take over the taste has changed (sweeter and lighter in color) not happy at all

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