Milka & Daim

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Milka & Daim

One of the good things about being the biggest confectionery company the universe has ever seen, is that you get to do fun crossover things with your brands. That’s exactly what Kraft have done with this Milka & Daim bar mashup.

The result is exactly what you might expect. Creamy, smooth Milka chocolate with small pieces of crunchy Daim caramel distributed throughout.

Milka & Daim

The Milka chocolate is 30% cocoa solids (that’s about half as much again as Dairy Milk), and although it’s a mass produced ‘candy’ rather than a sophisticated chocolate, it’s one of those guilty pleasures that could quite happily munch away on all day. It’s comfort food.

Milka & Daim

I almost feel guilty for liking this so much, because it’s so sweet and creamy that it can’t be doing me any good at all. That sweet Milka taste combined with the crunch of the Daim pieces means that once the bar is in your hand, there’s no way it can ever be replaced on the table. And of course, I can never go to Waitrose again either, because I know that I’ll be drawn into buying more. It’s addictive.

Of course, this whole ‘crossover’ concept from Kraft becomes even more interesting when you add the recently acquired Cadbury into the mix. I’m sure there’s all kinds of fun co-branded products they could make.

I don’t think I can ever be truly happy until I try a Dairylea and Daim Creme Egg. Please? Anyone? No?

You can buy Milka & Daim Bar online using the links below.


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  1. GrumpyTart

    I love this stuff, Sainsburys had the Milka bars 1/2 price recently and when I saw this was available I decided it was a must-try as I really like Daim bars – wasn’t disappointed apart from the fact I wish I’d bought more of it while on offer!

  2. Emma

    Dairylea Milk? Philadelphia and Chives Wine Gums? 🙂

  3. Hannah

    They’re on offer at the moment in Morrisons for 44p. I was very good and only bought one bar. I went back to get more and they’d completely sold out.

  4. Adriano

    We have endless Milka varieties in Slovenian shops and l never buy any since they had always tasted awful,whenever l had given a chance to some of is really SWEET,always,like some cocoa-perfumed sugar in a bar.A truly hardcore awfulness.

  5. Chocolates are my favorite no matter what their brands are….

  6. Also saw these on offer at Sainsbury’s! I bought one bar for 50p, tried it, and went back the following day and bought 2 x 20 pack boxes of the stuff! One went to my gf for Christmas as her favourite chocolate is… Milka, and Dime. Brilliant 🙂

  7. Wendy B

    I’d buy a Cadbury/Daim creme egg! Cadbury eggs are one of my absolute faves! They need to come out with varieties that aren’t just for Easter (a Christmas egg? a Halloween pumpkin?)! It’s hard having to stock up at Easter so I can have some year-round. And whatever happened to the chocolate eggs? I never see those anymore.

  8. Lesley

    44p and 50s really cheap! has anyone tried lindt with crunchy caramel?

  9. Milka is the best chocolate. The one with nuts/berries and milk chocolate is the best of the range.

  10. Susie

    Just had my first taste of Milka Chocolate – eating a Santa, ugh never again..not a patch on good old fashioned Cadbury milk chocolate. Kraft you should be ashamed!

  11. we love this chocolate !! xoxox

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