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I was excited to see Milka on the supermarket shelves again because it’s been absent from my chocolate neck of the woods for many years for reasons unknown. My Austrian isn’t too good, but I think it says ‘Milk Chocolate with Alpine Milk.’ Now bear in mind that Alpine here in Australia is a menthol-flavoured cigarette brand, so I’ll assume they mean lactose liquid from cows that stand on Swiss hills. Or some such.

It was nice to see that it has grown to 200g blocks instead of the measly 100g blocks I remember buying back in the 1990s, but this was the only flavour available and not my utter Milka favourite, the coffee milk.

Undressed and no longer purple, the block revealed smaller, chunkier squares but with the same old Milka logo – I could barely control myself long enough to take this photo (I know it is very sad but you’ve got to take your thrills where you can find them).

Surprisingly, what Milka Alpine Milk reminded me of was – wait for it – Cadbury Dairy Milk. I was in shock: were my usually-reliable taste buds on strike? Was I wrong in trying this with a glass of red wine after dinner? Was I past this challenging chocolate tasting lark? Had I eaten too much Lindt? Actually, don’t answer my last question.

Whatever the reason, it tasted nice. Not astounding, not different, but nice. Love Chunks and Sapphire enjoyed it as well and we all admitted that because it had been a while since we’d eaten milk chocolate, we three Dark Siders might just automatically compare it to Cadbury Dairy Milk because it was only 30% cocoa solids. It certainly didn’t taste as buttery creamy as Lindt’s milk chocolate does and was very sweet. This was confirmed when I looked at the ingredients – sugar was the first on the list, consisting of nearly 60% of the entire block – that’s virtually the sweetest I’ve ever tasted so far.

Perhaps I need to buy another block (I know, the sacrifices I make for chocablogging accuracy) and eat it alongside a Cadbury’s plain Dairy Milk to fully test out my initial taste result. I’d also be keen to know what other chocoblog readers think.


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  1. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Dear Kath…
    Aside from there being no such language as “Austrian”, the writing on the label is French, Italian and… er… English.. You see that bit where it says “Alpine Milk”…? 🙂

    I think that the other mistake you made was buying a 200g bar. Milka needs to be eaten slowly, a couple of chunks at a time – I think 200g is approaching sugar overdose levels.

  2. Not one of my favourites I’m afraid. It’s everywhere in Europe – very very common 🙂

  3. …but if you’d tried the coffee flavour Ashleigh, you might have that opinion changed drastically…..

  4. river

    The coffee flavour was the best. I was sorry to see it disappear.

  5. PNR

    For me, cadbury and Milka is also very similar in taste

  6. The Milka Milk Chocolate is delish!!!!! Im eatin’ it now!!!!! I got the last bar in da store in Lake Charles, Louisiana.

  7. John

    Love it, one of our favourites – Cadbury is cardboard

  8. blaise

    i like their noisette and hazelnut. i dont know about some other milka variants though because i havent tried all of them. but so far i love the 2 mentioned variants.

  9. Debra

    It is true, Milka Alpine should be savoured slowly. My introduction to Milka was via Milka Naps — a big box of them gifted to me! But because they were individually wrapped, individual bites, I learned how to make them last. There may be finer chocolates, but Milka delivers when you are looking for sweet, creamy milk chocolate that does not leave a bitter or waxy aftertaste.

  10. trai bonne milka ♥

  11. It is fantastak !!!!!!!! ♥♥♥

  12. Arno

    Milka chocolate is pretty bad.

    Jsut make one simple experience : take a piece of Lindt in one hand, and a piece of Milka in the other.

    A few seconds later, the Milka begins to melt, when the Lindt remains solid a lot longer.

    Because they are a lot more fat in the Milka. The same with sugar.

    Fat & sugar, that’s milka.

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