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Daim BarDaim is a little bar (28g) with a long history. It was developed in the 1950s by Marabou who were acquired by Kraft in 1993. The bar is now Kraft branded, although it is still made in Sweden.

Until a couple of years ago, it was known as ‘Dime’ here in the UK. I’m not entirely sure why – if there’s one thing that annoys me it’s when the same products get different names in different countries for no apparent reason. I guess they figured we were just too stupid to be able to pronounce ‘Daim’ until 2005.

The bar itself is simply a thin, flat layer of hard, crunchy caramel covered in milk chocolate.

Daim BarIt’s the taste and texture of the caramel that makes Daim a bit different from other bars though. It’s very hard and crunchy – almost like a hard toffee – and has tiny flakes of almond embedded in it.

The taste is very distinctive. It has a slightly burnt, smokey flavour. If you’ve ever made caramel yourself and left it cooking a little too long, you’ll know the sugar quickly starts to burn. Daim tastes like the caramel is sugar has just started to burn, but just enough to give it a bit of flavour.

The chocolate itself is a fairly standard milk chocolate. It’s nice enough, but nothing special. It tends to melt away quite quickly anyway, leaving you with a mouth full of the crunchy caramel. You then have to decide if you’re just going to slowly suck on the caramel or risk breaking your teeth by biting into it. Think of it as a kind of dental Russian Roulette… only Swedish… with chocolate.

Personally, I love Daim bars, but they are very sweet. I’m not sure I’d want a bigger bar than this, and even with a 28g bar, I find myself breaking small chunks off and making it last all day.

If you’ve never had a Daim, I’d recommend trying one. I think they may be an acquired taste, but for an occasional treat or a quick sugar hit, you can’t beat it.


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  1. Mmmh, yummy! Normally I go for different chocolates (darker) but Daim always was nice despite the sweetness – at least when you only have one every two years or so. I think I have to get one soon again 🙂

  2. chocodude

    eww i hate daim..i remember them as dime bars all hard and sticky in your teeth..almost as bad a caramac!:S

  3. Petra

    Daim is good, but even better is Daim ice cream cone! There are Daim balls in the ice cream and a delicious coat of chocolate… But I don’t know if you can buy it from the UK, because it’s made by Valio which is a Finnish brand although it’s nowadays owned by Nestlé…

  4. Petra

    Oh sorry, I have to correct that, it’s not a product of Valio, but GB Glace which is a part of Unilever group.

  5. boo

    it looks just like a skor bar (hershey). heh. i’d be willing to try one if i could find it over here.

    • Maru

      I used to buy the tiny bars of Daim @ IKEA UK but they now started producing their own ,ie , mini rectangular very sweet milk choc with mini bits of crunchy caramel ……..no where near Dame bites! So. if someone there knows where to get them ,please let me know . I simply love them .

  6. Tiff

    You can find them at IKEA in the US

  7. i wont to know if can i buy daim bars chocolates in uk.

  8. Leigh

    they have them in IKEA in the UK as well, Woolworths and most supermarkets near me stock them (in the Midlands)

  9. that candy was really gooddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddddd so can i get some for freeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee you know what i talkin bout

  10. Michol

    I love Daim Bars, we try to find them every time we go to Ireland, last november we had a very hard time finding them,
    not even at Tesco in most locations until we were back in Dublin.

  11. i love dime i want some now 🙁 🙁 🙁 wher will i get some

  12. Dee

    These are my fathers fav chocolate bar and you can’t get them in New Zealand I think you can get them at like U.K imported shop but they charge about $4.50 for one dime bar, so when ever my dad went to England he would stock up and bring them home, or when his sister that lives in London comes back to NZ for a holiday she always brings some but this is only every few years, I brought a box of these for dad for christmas off this site http://www.britsuperstore.com/acatalog/Dime_Bars.html although it came to about $98 after postage and handling for 36x28g box of Dime bars it was so worth it to see the surprise on my dads face when he opened them christmas day lol he couldn’t believe it, his only trouble was keeping us kids away from eating all of them lol because we love them also.

  13. Latifa

    where can i find it in kuwait?

  14. its very gooooooooood its yummy and very easy to find its gooooooood

  15. lolrpg

    lol there only 35p i can buy lots and lots of them sweet!!!!!!!!!!

  16. colin

    diam bars are lush like my friends meat ball head lol hahaha

  17. AJ

    can i know.. daim halal(lawful) or not???? i really to know about that..

  18. Verity Rickwood

    Daim bar used to be called a dime bar and when I was younger I used to have a bar a week i think it is lush/
    Now i am 22 years old and having thought about daim bars after eating one yesterday I do still think that they are really nice and delicious but i have a huge problem with chewing as for the teeth 🙁
    they should bring a new bar out called dime bar and it should have half chocolate and half dime it would be really nice 😛

  19. Verity Rickwood

    they are 42p in the UK

  20. Dom (Chocablog Staff)

    Verity – that means they’ve gone up 7p in the 2 years since this review… not really surprising I guess.

    I’m not convinced you’re meant to chew Daim Bar. It’s nice just to let it slowly melt in the mouth (and it lasts longer that way too!)

  21. there is in uae alot of these and the jaw breakers yum and the apple candys yummyer and theres alot

  22. Kelly

    Though I have only once been in an Ikea store, this chocolate bar almost sounds similar to the Skor chocolate bar that’s here in Canada.

  23. Anthony

    I’ve just bought a Dime bar for 42p. 42p initially sounded expensive but the sandwich van guy had a good sales pitch so I bought it despite the high price.

    Mind you, that Amazon affiliate link above sells Daim bars for 10.20 USD including shipping. Now that’s an expensive price for 28g of sugar and caramel!

  24. Lars

    Actually Dom, the Daim bar are often chewed (at least in Sweden), we don’t mind chewing em at all, it’s just great 🙂

    As least I read about dental health, Sweden had no problems in that area either :p so chewing Daim is perfectly “safe” and fine, do it like us Swedes, CHEW IT! :p

  25. Gill

    A complete addict of Daim bars, Has anyone an idea where to locate an Easter egg made of this yummy chocolate?

    By the way I think the reason we used to call them Dime bars over here was it is actually a word and Daim is pronounced Dame in UK. A dame bar?

  26. colin gibson

    Dime Bars make me smile, but they make my smile crooked. Best bar of the year every year since the 90s, I would rate them as probably better than most types of cured fish, if only because I prefer sweets to more “raw” varieties of food. The other day I had a bath and ate a Dime Bar afterwards, which is highly recommended due to the consistency of the chocolate coating and the smoothness of enamel. I have encountered a lot of resistance to Dime Bars: I think they are probably a bit of a political hot potato!

  27. Brigitte

    Where can I find Daim in Canada? Thanks!

    LOVE them!!!

  28. Sarah

    Try Ikea. I know they have the little ones wrapped up like candy but they still taste the same. I didn’t see a big one, but I like little ones anyway.

  29. Lesley

    mmmmmm. milka daim even better i think. not quite as sweet as original daim as mix of chocolate and caramel more evenly matched. lindt choc with crunchy caramel pieces gorg as well!

  30. Lee Scott

    Skor from Hershey is indeed the U.S. version of Daim

  31. Honey72

    I love DAIM, found some today in Iceland in North London, after years, I had my last one when they were still called ‘Dime’, multi pack of three cost £1, bargain… 😉

  32. winky face

    i find it funny how everyones like “i cant find any :(” and i’m like “haha i have one like nearly everyday :P”

  33. My friend Tiernen O’Rourke LOVES Milka & Daim bars! He thinks they are the perfect combonation! I tend to prefer Crunchies, they are very nice!

  34. Anjani Lal

    it’s just great 🙂

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