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Vanini Organic Uganda Range

A range of Italian bars featuring organic cocoa from Uganda.

Corné Port-Royal Dark Chocolate With Dried Fruit

Chunky fruit & nut chocolate from Belgium.

Soma Chocolate And Friends

Flavoured disks from Canada's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Zotter Monte Limar

Bean-to-bar chocolate with a nougat filling.

Emoti Désir De Pistaches

Milk chocolates with a pistachio filling.

Delicasey’s Selection

A selection of new flavours from Delicasey's chocolate.

Lindt Passion Orange & Pistachio

Seeing something new from Lindt on my supermarket shelves isn’t really a cause for excitement, but it does make me curious enough to pick up said product for at least a quick onceover. And that was definitely the case with …

Beschle Madagascar Fleur de Sel & Pistachio

An updated and refined pistachio & fleur de sel bar from Swizz chocolatier Beschel

Nicky Grant Selection Part 2

A quick look at some new chocolates from one of our favourite British chocolatiers.

Sugah! Rocky Road & Chipotle Pistachio Clusters

When I first crossed paths with Sugah’s clusters, I was impressed by both the no nonsense approach to packaging (which I still love) and their ludicrous size – I could barely fit one in my mouth comfortably and believe me, …

Beschle Grand Cru Trinitario au Fleur de Sel & Pistaches

What with Japan week and chocolate covered creepy crawlies, it’s been a while since I sat down with something truly sophisticated and exciting. Thanks to a recent rendezvous with Dom at the South Bank Chocolate Festival I find myself in …

Thorntons Lightly Salted Pistachio

I first tried a ‘pre-production’ version this bar back at the Chocolate Unwrapped show in October, and I’m really glad to see it’s now available in the shops. It’s another square block of solid chocolate, and as you can see …

Hotel Chocolat Fruit & Nut Christmas Wreath

I love Hotel Chocolat. Everything they do is of exceptional quality and beautifully presented. But I like them most when they come out with something completely outlandish, indulgent and just plain weird. So as you might have guessed, I particularly …

Ferrero Garden Pistachio

Something else I managed to find whilst on my travels in Europe was a small box of eight Ferrero Garden Pistachio thingummies (balls? orbs? Rochers?), and I’m not sure these are available in the UK (but I haven’t honestly looked …

Lindt Pistache

Purchased at the same time as the Raspberry Bar (and refrigerated for safekeeping), this was one I was definitely looking forward to sampling, as I do rather enjoy the old pistachio nuts. Lindt’s Pistachio Bar is made with milk chocolate …
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