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Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Flavoured caramel mini eggs from Rococo.

Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

Rococo Chocolate & Wine Pairing With Le Vieux Comptoir

A wonderful evening of chocolate & wine.

Rococo White Chocolate With Cardamom

Organic white chocolate with cardamom.

Rococo Chocolates Valentines Fresh Ganaches

Handmade Valentines chocolate from Rococo.

Gru Grococo

A beautiful, sustainable and ethical Grenadan dark chocolate.

Rococo Crystallised Ginger

A Rococo artisan bar with ginger essence.

Rococo Venus Nipples & Lips

They're chocolate nipples and lips. What more could you want?

Rococo Basil & Persian Lime

Time for more of Rococo’s beautiful new packaging, inspired by the Moorish tiles in their “secret” Moroccan garden in Motcomb Street. I wouldn’t be surprised if some of the flavours come from there too, although I’m not entirely sure that …

Rococo Moroccan Mint

Here’s a little something I liberated from the Rococo stand at the Speciality and Fine Food Fair. It’s a 65% organic dark chocolate bar with organic mint, and comes in a brightly coloured wrapper, the design of which is inspired …

Rococo Dark Chocolate Floral Bee Bars

These little 20g bars were part of my haul from the Rococo stand at the Southbank Chocolate Festival last month. Rococo do a range of these little ‘Bee Bars’ in both milk and dark chocolate varieties, but I thought I’d …

Rococo Chocolates Quail Eggs

Two days ago I bought a house. As you can see, it’s not a very big house, but with London property prices the way they are, it’s all I could afford. The house in question was purchased at the London …

Rococo Preview Selection

More strange-but-true chocoincidence as I found myself at work on the King’s Road a little while ago – right opposite Rococo’s shop. I thought I’d pop in and say hello, with a view to maybe catching up with owner Chantal …

Rococo Dia de Los Muertos

When I realised that Rococo have been in the business of producing fine quality chocolate for over twenty five years I felt slightly ashamed that I hadn’t come across their products before. Fate plays strange tricks on us after all. …

Rococo Artisan Bar With Cinnamon

Here’s an interesting little bar from Waitrose. I bought it because it’s plain white wrapper stood out amongst all the brightly coloured bars on the shelf. The packaging itself is a bit weird – a rather strangely decorated sheet of …
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