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Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

Askinosie Dark Milk Chocolate With Liquorice

A dark milk chocolate with pieces of liqourice

Zaabär Star Anise of China & Ginger From Goa

When faced with a wall of chocolate in a shop, most of which is unfamiliar, it is hard to know which ones to buy. My head says I should go for a flavour which I either like a lot or …

Damian Allsop Clouds

Damien Allsop is another Michelin standard Head Pastry Chef turned chocolatier, and he has taken an unusualk approach to many of his products, including the CH20colates Dom reviewed (and didn’t much care for). It isn’t very often that someone comes …

Sugah! Anise Almond Clusters

Sugah! are a company from Halifax, Nova Scotia that managed to slip under my radar until a box of their clusters appeared in my mailbox via a friend. She hadn’t sampled their chocolate before either, but liked the look of …
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