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Rococo Chocolates Valentine’s Special

Valentine's ganaches from Rococo.

Rococo Chocolates Valentines Fresh Ganaches

Handmade Valentines chocolate from Rococo.

Matcha Chocolat Lotus Selection

Another season is upon us, which means another collection of tea-based chocolates from Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat. The presentation is exactly the same as previous collections – the box hasn’t changed at all – only the contents have changed. Well… …

Planète Chocolat Violette

I picked this block up in Planète Chocolat on our recent day out in Brussels. It’s a square bar, very similar in size and shape to the Thorntons blocks, although this doesn’t have the weight printed on the label. It …

Galler Les Florales

Having been thoroughly impressed with Galler’s ‘Les Marines‘ box of salted and seaweedy chocolates, I find myself deemed worthy of a chance to sample the entire range (including one which is only just available this month). Les Florales was Jean …

VizioVirtù Viola

As I slowly plough my way through the spoils of last year’s road trip across Europe, I’m remembering the stops we made, the people we met, and finally I’m tasting some of the chocolate as well. While wandering around Venice …
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