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Vanini Chocolate Bars

A new range of bars from Italy.

Bissinger’s Banana Pecan Caramel With Peruvian Pink Salt

Milk chocolate filled with banana pecan caramel

The London Chocolate Company Truffles

A selection from The London Chocolate Company.

Bissinger’s Coconut Caramel With Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

Milk chocolate with toasted coconut & caramel.

Rózsavölgyi Csokoládé Crystal Salt

Milk chocolate that tastes as good as it looks.

Demarquette Great British Orchard

Orchard fruit flavour caramel chocolates.

Potomac Chocolate Upala Nib & Salt

Bean to bar chocolate, from Woodridge, VA.

Divine Milk Chocolate With Toffee & Sea Salt

Divine airtrade milk chocolate with toffee & sea salt.

Soma Chocolate And Friends

Flavoured disks from Canada's Soma Chocolate Maker.

Videri Chocolate Factory Bean To Bar Selection

Bean-to-bar chocolate from North Carolina

Soma Aleppo Pepper Bar

Peruvian dark chocolate with salt and pepper.

James Salted Caramel Honeycomb

Honeycomb balls with milk chocolate and salted caramel.

Cocoa Loco Sea Salt & Sunflower Seeds Dark Chocolate

Organic, Fairtrade chocolate with sunflower seeds & sea salt.

Menakao 63% Madagascar With Cocoa Nibs & Sea Salt

Madagascan chocolate with sea salt & nibs.

Le Belge Chocolatier Sea Salt Collection

A collection of sea-salt bars from Le Belge Chocolatier.

Eat & Joy Handmade Crystal Salt Dark Chocolate

A Finnish dark chocolate with salt.

Grenada Chocolate Company Salty-Licious

71% Grenada chocolate with Himalayan salt.

Lindt Excellence Caramel With Sea Salt

Lindt chocolate with pieces of hard caramel and sea salt.

Zorba’s Chocolate Truffles

Raw chocolate truffles from Oregon.

Mast Brothers Black Truffle

A dark chocolate bar with real truffle.

Buddha Chocolate Cup And Crystal Salt Bar

A raw, organic take on the peanut butter cup.

Pacari Raw 70% With Salt & Nibs

A wonderful raw chocolate from Ecaudor.

Trader Joe’s Dark Chocolate Caramel With Black Sea Salt

Trader Joe's take on the classic salted caramel.

Duffy’s Corazon Del Ecuador With Cocoa Nibs & Oak Smoked Salt

One of our favourite milk chocolates, from one of the world's best chocolate makers.

Åkesson’s Bali 45% Fleur De Sel Milk Chocolate

An award winning single plantation milk chocolate with a hint of fleur de sel.

Taza Chocolate Mexicano Salt & Pepper

Organic, stone ground chocolate with added salt and peper!

Lindt Passion Caramel & Sea Salt

A non-descript dark chocolate with pieces of hard carmel and sea salt.

Woodhouse Chocolate Salty Savory Bars

A selection of dark chocolate bars flavoured with a myriad of herbs and spices.

Poco Dolce Bittersweet Chocolate Tiles

Another offering from San Francisco's Poco Dolce.

Jme Collection Fairtrade Chocolate

It’s Fairtrade Fortnight and the nice people at the Fairtrade Foundation were good enough to send some samples of Fairtrade chocolate that we hadn’t seen before.

Choceur Plain Chocolate With Roasted Salted Almonds

So Christmas is over, VAT has gone up and the weather is still dreadful. What better time to pop into an Aldi in search of potentially tasty bargains?

Vice Chocolates Dark Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

Although I have said that Vice Chocolates had quite an eye-catching booth at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon, I find myself slightly disappointed to be at home with only a plain dark chocolate and sea salt bar rather than a …

Vestri White Chocolate With Sesame & Pink Himalayan Salt

When ‘The Chocolate Society‘ got in touch to offer me a few items for review, he mentioned Vestri White chocolate. “How odd.” I thought, having only quite recently had my first encounter with Vestri and rather enjoyed it. As you …

Ayala Moriel Espionage Perfume Bar

Well, this is an interesting idea and as far as I know, something really quite unique. Perfume maker Ayala Moriel has collaborated with Vancouver chocolatier Rachel Sawatzky (also known as the CocoaNymph) to come up with a trio of chocolate …

Organicfair Canadiana

Writing for Chocablog has changed me. I used to be able to enjoy going to places and not spend my time digging around in shops obsessively looking for unusual kinds of chocolate, but not any more. Now I spend every …

Mr Simms Maldon Salt Caramel

Mr Simms Olde Sweet Shoppes seem to be popping up everywhere at the moment. Simon recently found one in … and one has recently opened up near me in Brent Cross. While it’s difficult to find out many solid details …

Delicaseys Fleur De Sel

Part of the goody bag I recently received included a few Delicaseys chocolates from Sydney. I was hugely impressed with the Orange Bliss that I tried first. Next on the list is Fleur De Sel – or as the package …

Chocoholly Salted Caramels

Holly Caulfied – aka Chocoholly – is one of my favourite British chocolatiers. Not only is she an all-round lovely person to know, but her artistic talents make her chocolates some of the most creative and attractive chocolates around. The …

The Chocolate Heart Mini Bars

These mini bars are made in Brighton by The Chocolate Heart and one thing that sets them aside from many other chocolate makers is that this chocolate is dairy free, something I happen to know to be very important to …

CocoaNymph Sea Nymph

After enjoying the eight little chocolates that Vancouver’s CocoaNymph sent, I was looking forward to trying one of their bars. In fact, I was actually looking forward to it even more than the chocolates which were gone far too quickly …

Beschle Grand Cru Trinitario au Fleur de Sel & Pistaches

What with Japan week and chocolate covered creepy crawlies, it’s been a while since I sat down with something truly sophisticated and exciting. Thanks to a recent rendezvous with Dom at the South Bank Chocolate Festival I find myself in …

Mast Brothers 72% Madagascar With Fleur de Sel

In chocolate-tasting circles, the name ‘Mast Brothers‘ is spoken with quiet reverence. Two brothers from Brooklyn who have somehow managed to make – I’m told by reliable sources – some of the best chocolate in the world. I had to …

Galler Les Marines

When people find out I review chocolate they inevitably tell me how lucky I am, which is true. Occasionally something comes along that makes me realise just how lucky I am, and this is one of those occasions. A couple …

Hachez Cocoa D’Arriba Cherry Tomato Salt

Our sophisticated traveller and chocablogger Simon can take a break from his weirdo cedar sap and absinthe chocolates and fancy-shmancy trips to Qatar and Milan and instead stay home and scoff some Creme Eggs because I have finally found something …

Lindt Excellence – A Touch Of Sea Salt

This bar is the usual 47% dark blend that Lindt use for the range, but it also contains tiny crystals of sea salt. 3% to be precise. Now you may not consider 3% to be a great deal of salt, …
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