Åkesson’s Bali 45% Fleur De Sel Milk Chocolate

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Åkesson’s is a Swiss company run by a Swedish guy, who – somewhat unusually – specialise in both chocolate and pepper grown on their own plantations in Madagascar and Brazil. They did rather well at this year’s Academy of Chocolate Awards, scooping three awards in total, including a silver for this particular bar.

As you can see though, the beans for this chocolate come from Bali – the Sukrama Farms plantation to be precise. Just reading the description on the back of the box makes me hungry…

At 45% cocoa solids, it’s nice and rich for a milk chocolate (particularly when compared to something like the Lindt dark chocolate we reviewed yesterday that only has 2% more), so I expected this to have a decent flavour.

As it turns out, it was even better than I’d hoped for.

This milk chocolate is packed with flavour – at first taste, you might think it was flavoured with more than simple fleur de sel.

The first thing I noticed was the sweet caramel notes, but as the chocolate melts, the tiny flecks of salt come into play and lift the flavour to a different level. There’s hints of liquorice and toffee, but it’s all backed by a delicious creaminess. It would be very easy to lose yourself in this chocolate and for the entire bar to disappear in seconds.

If you’re looking to get into quality chocolate, but you’re still addicted to the milk chocolates, then I’d highly recommend seeking this bar out. It’s sweet and creamy enough that everyone will be able to enjoy it, but really demonstrates some of the range of flavours that can be found in fine single origin chocolates.

It’s not difficult to see why this is an award winning chocolate, and I’m certainly planning on buying more!


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  1. Sounds delicious! Definately on my list of bars to try

  2. Now that sounds like my kind of chocolate. I really haven’t moved on from milk being my favourite, but I do like a high cocoa content and it’s great there are more good quality ones around – at last!

  3. I think I have to buy me this bar! 🙂

  4. C’est en francs susise, j’avais oublie9…. je pense que j’irai faire une vire9e du cf4te9 de la frontie8re autour de mai, ne serait-ce que pour les vegan charcuteries dans les Migros…

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