Bissinger’s Coconut Caramel With Red Hawaiian Sea Salt

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Bissinger's Coconut Caramel - Box

While Chocablog has crossed paths with Missouri company Bissinger’s one time before, I hadn’t. But when I was visiting a local store with an ample selection of new and exciting chocolate, one of their bars really caught my eye – Bissinger’s All Natural Coconut Caramel with Red Hawaiian Sea Salt. It all seems a bit excessive, at least on the box because there’s an awful lot of different flavours all thrown together but there’s absolutely no way that I could pass this one up. It just sounded so intriguing.

What it turned out to be, first and foremost, was incredibly messy. Unbelievably so. And the main reason for the messiness was that this was not a bar of caramel flavoured with coconut but a bar filled with caramel which has its back covered in toasted coconut. Lots of it. Just the simple act of eating one square will lead to little piles of coconut all over the place, but there’s still more than enough to contribute to the flavour of the bar.

Bissinger's Coconut Caramel - Back

The mess was also down to the fact that my bar had taken a hit at some point and had burst in a couple of places, leaking caramel all over the place. And that appears to be something that you have to live with then it comes to these bars because even trying to break the pieces apart along the designated lines was kind of difficult, so that lead to more leaking. Basically, anticipate a big sticky mess.

Bissinger's Coconut Caramel - Detail

But is it worth it?

Yes. This is a really yummy bar of chocolate. The milk chocolate (which appears to be 38% after digging around on the company’s website) is creamy and the perfect foil for the slightly salty caramel – they go very well together. It verges on being just a touch too sweet for my tastes, but the addition of coconut rescues it by somehow miraculously soaking up all that sweetness and replacing it with toasted goodness right at the end. I still couldn’t eat the whole bar in one sitting, but I made it to the halfway point without much effort.

This is one of those bars that falls into the category of an Eating Chocolate rather than a Savouring Chocolate – nothing wrong with that at all. After all, sometimes you just want to eat some delicious chocolate and this definitely fits the bill. Plus it is made with all natural ingredients and ethically sourced cocoa beans so it can be eaten in good conscience too. Just be prepared to clean up afterwards.


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  1. manuela

    I’ve seen it now guys, sea-salt that is. Its over, done, please please no more sea salt chocolate.

  2. Greg

    Get over yourself!

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