Vestri White Chocolate With Sesame & Pink Himalayan Salt

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When ‘The Chocolate Society‘ got in touch to offer me a few items for review, he mentioned Vestri White chocolate. “How odd.” I thought, having only quite recently had my first encounter with Vestri and rather enjoyed it.

As you can see, the presentation was a little less stylish than one might have expected, but this is a sample pack. To be honest, when you look at the chocolate, it’s hard to imagine how else to package it.

The white chocolate is a combination of 30.1% cacao butter and 6.7% cream, resulting in a very rich, sweet confection. The shards themselves are just thick enough to conceal a toasted sesame seed. In other words pretty thin. It had been quite a while since I’d tasted any white chocolate, and I wasn’t quite prepared for how sweet it was , but a little salt soon settled things down a little.

When you find the sesame seeds and bite down, that nutty, toasty, slightly bitter flavour cuts right through the chocolate, and when you find some salt to play along, the three flavours come together in total harmony. While I’m the first to admit I don’t care much for the white stuff, I found the use of salt and sesame inspired and well balanced. I’d be the first to tell you that white chocolate is too sweet, and these two additions do a good job of cutting that sweetness. For my tastes I could happily have had a few more sesame seeds, and a good dose of salt, but that would obviously alienate the white chocolate buyers (or at least the less adventurous ones!)

We’re slowly seeing an influx of Vestri products in the UK. They’re another small producer of fine chocolate, done italian style, and I believe they’re a name worth looking out for.


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  1. I think add-ins, especially salty ones, are key to making white chocolate enjoyable. Salty add-ins cut through the exceptional sweetness.

  2. I still dream about the Vestri White Chocolate with Pistachio that I first tried in America – the white chocolate was blended with a pistachio paste as well as having pistachios studded through it. *swoon* As a die-hard lover of sesame and salt, I so wish I could track this bar down in Australia!

  3. Al

    I agree with you it would be difficult to pack these delicate slabs in any other way! The packaging shown in the photo is actually how the slabs are sold.

    We now have this slab on our website (picture coming soon), along with two other wafer slab varieties: dark chocolate and mint, and dark chocolate with chilli – both which are really enjoyable.

    More delicious Vestri products to be added to our site shortly!!

    @Hannah We ship to Aus! 🙂

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