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I already declared my love, or at least some strong lusty thoughts, towards the new Lindt Passion bar with Orange & Pistachio because of its lovely mix of crunchy and chewy milky goodness. We’ve gone out a few more times since. But launched at the same time was a darker cousin – Caramel & Sea Salt and while I couldn’t ignore it completely, it didn’t appeal in the same way when I saw it on the shelf.

Maybe it is that the whole caramel and salt thing is getting clichéd at this point. Or maybe the fact that the dark chocolate’s percentage isn’t actually revealed anywhere on the packaging, but the vagueness of it all bothers me much more than it did in the other bar.

It would maybe be more forgivable if it was a better tasting bar, but it doesn’t really deliver there. The back of the chocolate, which I would put at about 60% at the very most, is studded with little pieces of hard caramel. There are two distinct kinds – some are very similar to those in the Lindt Crunchy Caramel bar, but there are also some darker ones which have a more burnt taste which verges on being overwhelming. The salt is handled with a defter touch and it just hangs around in the background, all businesslike. Nothing wrong with that.

The main problem with the bar is that it doesn’t do anything that another bar in Lindt’s line-up already does better. Not awful by any means, but just not very exciting either and that’s the real crime. Stick with the much more delicious Orange & Pistachio variety instead.


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  1. Lindsay

    I also found the caramel bits a bit too “burnt” tasting. I thought it was just me. A very flavoursome bar, just not quite in the right way…

  2. Joleen

    Same here. I also noticed a “burnt” taste. Did not care for the taste of this bar at all.

  3. Claire

    Have to disagree with you on this one. I LOVE this chocolate. I’m not that big a chocolate fan normally but I love the proper caramelised taste (maybe the ‘burnt’) you identify and the proper saltiness. I can’t get by without a stash in the fridge!

  4. Tracy

    When I read this review I was astounded . I have just tasted this exotic choc bar and find it utterly DELICIOUS ! I agree with Claire and love the burnt caramel flavor ( a bit like the topping of creme brulee ) and the tiny flecks of salt really do combine well with the other flavors ( I admit I was also a little skeptical , as not usually a fan of sweet and salty) I did find the % cocoa solids written on the pack, it’s 49%min ……oolalula a taste sensation !

  5. Anders

    I just ate one whole 100g bar in record short time. One of the most delicious chocolate I have had. And I have had a lot with 45 years of chocolate love. I recommend this bar !

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