Vice Chocolates Dark Chocolate With Fleur De Sel

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Although I have said that Vice Chocolates had quite an eye-catching booth at the San Francisco Chocolate Salon, I find myself slightly disappointed to be at home with only a plain dark chocolate and sea salt bar rather than a set of shiny truffles. You see, Vice has a half-mad look, right from the “V” that is shaped like a snake with an apple at its tail and in a form almost also like a heart. The black and purple color scheme dares to challenges traditional elegance. Their truffles have bright gold to color them and names like Cherry Bomb and Vixen.

And so I come to the one small bar, a 65% using Venezuelan cacao, like all Vice Chocolates do. Most of the bars are also 65%, though there are also three in 88% and two in white.

The Fleur de Sel has one face with its salty side, the other well-molded to be dark and shiny. The salt crystals are the right size and percentage with the chocolate. The sweet dark chocolate is pleasant, having a calm, reddish flavor. The salt is around early on, before you are left with the smooth, fine-grained chocolate. It isn’t quite enough to make me go off on a mental adventure, but is still all well.

If the truffles really are as crazy as they seem, then perhaps, yes, the Fleur de Sel is one of the less exciting offerings. Yet that is not to say it isn’t well done.


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  1. I suggest you try her dried fig and anise bar.

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