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Rococo White Chocolate With Cardamom

Organic white chocolate with cardamom.

Mitzi Blue Marrakesh

Milk chocolate with cardamom and rose petals.

Mercedes Chocolaterie Handmade Selection

Handmade chocolates from Finland.

Feeding Your Imagination ‘Lovely’

Organic milk chocolate with peppermint and cardamom.

Nicky Grant Selection Part 2

A quick look at some new chocolates from one of our favourite British chocolatiers.

Elisabeth Chocolatier Selection

A selection of chocolates from Belgian chocolatier Elisabeth.

Matcha Chocolat Shards

These beautifully packaged shards of chocolate are something of a departure for Katie Christoffers’ Matcha Chocolat. Until recently she has concentrated on her (equally beautiful) tea-infused filled chocolates, so I was intrigued to see how she would approach these. There …

Devnaa Signature Chocolates

Devnaa is a brother and sister partnership producing “Indian Inspired” chocolates and confectionery in the UK. As you can see first impressions are great, with beautiful brightly coloured packaging that immediately makes you want to open the box. The one …

Niko B Organic Chocolates Selection

Anthony Ferguson is an American chocolate maker who up until 2001 was working for Silicon Graphics in San Francisco. These days, he’s living in Hackney with his British wife and running a chocolate company named after his son Nikolas. I …

Chocoholly Organic Milk Chocolate With Cardamom

Another one of Holly Caulfield’s handmade, organic chocolate bars, this time infused with cardamom – one of my favourite spices. This is a 37% cocoa milk chocolate bar, made using organic ingredients and is of a similar high standard to …

Paul A. Young Stem Ginger & Cardamom Pavé

The final offering from the Chocablog raid on Paul A. Young’s shop in Islington, this pavé is made from 64% Ecuadorean cocoa dark chocolate. Add to that the ususal suspects (soya lecitihin, a little vanill, cocoa butter) and Chinese Stem …

Nuggs Mango & Cardamom Milk Chocolate Slab

I came across this bar while browsing in a branch of Oil & Vinegar, wherein I was very pleased to discover a number of unusual chocolatey products. There were a number of Nuggs bars available, but I chose this one …

Cocoa Bean Dark Chocolate With Christmas Tree

Well, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas, and of course that means seasonal chocolate products are already making their way onto the shelves. The Cocoa Bean ladies were good enough to send me this rather interesting little number …

Co-Op Fairtrade Dark Chocolate With Spices & Orange Oil

Here in the UK the Co-Op has always been at the forefront of the Fairtrade movement, and nowadays it sells more Fairtrade chocolate than all of the other supermarkets put together. For over five years the Co-Op has been working …

Thorntons Milk Chocolate With Orange & Cardamom

As you can probably tell, this is part of the same range as the Special Toffee bar I reviewed earlier this week. Like the toffee bar, this one also features slightly annoying packaging, however this time I have opted to …

Stainer Fjordo

This is another one of Stainer’s chocolate bars blended with herbs and spices (part of the same family as the White Chocolate with Madras Spice), and the ‘subtitle’ says it’s a speciality of Northern Europe. As you can see, it …
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