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Amano Cinder Toffee With Nibs

This honeycomb with cacao nibs is so addictive, you'll be thankful it's so difficult to buy.

Amano Morobe Papua New Guinea

Amano's latest (and greatest) offering, made with Papua New Guinea beans and a whole lot of love.

Amano Dos Rios

Amano Dos Rios (Two Rivers) is a 70% dark chocolate made with beans sourced from the Dominican Republic.

Amano Chuao and Truffles

Starting off my journey were the berries, with some saltiness sparking up the halfway point. It’s deep like a black ocean...

Amano Cuyagua

The cacao origin here is Venezuela, specifically from the out-of-the-way Cuyagua Valley. The rich colored squares have a marshmallow aroma reminiscent of the Montanya bar, accented with a peppery feel.

Amano Truffles

Amazing hand made truffles from bean-to-bar chocolate maker Amano.

Amano Montanya

To finish with Amano’s new bars, we have this 70% from Venezuela. The name of this one, Montanya, is interesting. This is mountain in Spanish, but they’re traded out the tilde for a “y,” presumably to make sure it’s pronounced …

Amano Jembrana Milk & Ocumare Milk

Amano has, to my great delight, sent me their two new single-origin milk chocolate bars and dark chocolate bar (which I’ll get to in another review). That Amano would choose to make milk chocolate isn’t surprising, giving their approachable sophistication, …

Video: Art Pollard & Amano

Browsing through YouTube this morning, I happened across this wonderful little video of Art Pollard from Amano. It’s quite old, but it’s a nice look behind the scenes at Art’s chocolate factory. We’ll be reviewing some new Amano stuff soon, …

Amano Jembrana

Back in January, Dom reviewed Amano’s Madagascar and Ocumare bars. They’ve just introduced this limited edition bar from southwestern Bali, so they sent me a couple to sample. Under the shiny sleek box and gold wrapper, the chocolate is a …

Amano Madagascar & Ocumare

A pair of wonderful artisan, bean-to-bar dark chocolates from Amano.
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