Amano Cinder Toffee With Nibs

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I’m not sure I should review this.

For one thing, it’s barely chocolate. Sure, it contains cacao nibs – lots of nibs – but it doesn’t look very chocolatey. For another thing, unless you happen to live in Orem, Utah, I think you’d have a hard time actually buying this stuff. It’s not currently available on Amano’s website and my little bag came direct from Art Pollard via Martin Christy of, who discovered its addictive qualities the hard way.

For such a simple creation, it’s one of the most more-ish confections I’ve tasted in a long time. It’s a simple cinder toffee / honeycomb with nibs scattered throught the mix.

The pieces are thin enough that you never risk breaking your teeth biting into it, like you do with some of the larger honeycomb chunks we’ve looked at in the past. And the rich, slightly bitter nibs take the edge of that sweetness, allowing you to eat just a little more than is healthy.

It’s still very sweet of course, but it’s impossibly addictive and very difficult to stop eating. The simple bag that they came in had no labelling but really it should have been covered in large warning stickers, it’s that addictive. And if you do manage to stop eating for a few minutes, the bits of honeycomb and nibs that get stuck in your teeth just remind you of how good it tasted and draw you back in for more.

So really, you should probably be thankful this stuff isn’t easy to get hold of. And consider this a public health warning, rather than a review. Now if you’ll excuse me, I have to email Amano and get them to send more…


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  1. Hmm, I’m in San Diego..perhaps it’s close enough that they’ve gotten out to some local retailers.

  2. Hello! Found this via Pinterest. My 12 yr old had a mini Girl Scout camp reunion this past weeeknd and they made these. They LOVED them! Great idea and I will be sure to share this with everyone I know! Thank you!

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