Amano Jembrana Milk & Ocumare Milk

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Amano Jembrana Milk & Ocumare Milk

Amano has, to my great delight, sent me their two new single-origin milk chocolate bars and dark chocolate bar (which I’ll get to in another review).

That Amano would choose to make milk chocolate isn’t surprising, giving their approachable sophistication, but the 30% content of both of these is lower than many other quality chocolatiers usually go for. After spending so much effort perfecting the cacao, they must want it to get at least a certain amount of say in the final product.

Yet Amano’s cacao still gets its expression through with only 30% of the total. I went for the Jembrana first, since I’ve already tried its dark counterpart. It dissolves nice and slow for being a meltier milk chocolate. Only on the second piece did I realize that it’s very sweet. Its supposed to have notes of “licorice and honey,” so this is a natural thing when you’re combining that honey flavor to the added sugar. I still find it very nice, tinged with that good vanilla taste of milk chocolates.

Amano Jembrana Milk & Ocumare Milk

The Ocumare, from Venezuela, seems to have more of a cinnamon flavor and a soothing kind of taste. There’s another flavor that at first I only picked up on at the end. It’s also stronger when you chew the chocolate. Caramel, maybe?

I’m really not quite talented enough to choose a favorite. I can taste the difference, though. It’s even more vast if you go back and forth between the two, without allowing time in between to forget each one’s taste. What I can say is that their full-bodied tastes are uniquely delicious, and I’m finding that Amano’s weakening my will concerning moderation.


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  1. Great review. I’ll have to try Amano Milk Chocolate myself. You should check out some of the chocolate reviews on too.

  2. Ale

    Theese are two wonderful bars, but I think that if they add some cacao mass, it’ll be better…

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