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The folks at Amano have sent me over a couple of their products, starting with the limited edition Cuyagua bar. Note that this was one of Amano’s three originally-released bars; it was also part of a short supply, which made it unavailable for a while. It’s back again now, though Amano’s website informs us that it is slightly different this time as the beans are fermented in a different way than with the original.

You may also be interested in taking a look at said website, which has been redesigned with the promise of more frequent updates. One new feature, Ask the Chocolate Maker, introduces an anecdote on the Cuyagua bar that I found particularly stirring.

The cacao origin here is Venezuela, specifically from the out-of-the-way Cuyagua Valley. The rich colored squares have a marshmallow aroma reminiscent of the Montanya bar, accented with a peppery feel. For the first half, I found a spicier, dustier taste until I hit a sudden transition to light banana notes. It’s quite soft and sensible.

I would liken this chocolate to a sunset. Pastel yet vivid and strong colors form its face. The dull purples and mellow pinks make way for and reflect off of the bright gold globe of the sun. A happy and feel-good tone they both have.

This is a must-try from the Amano line — get it while it lasts.


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    Art Pollard sounds like a very special man.
    I wish his chocolates found their way to Israel.

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