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Browsing through YouTube this morning, I happened across this wonderful little video of Art Pollard from Amano. It’s quite old, but it’s a nice look behind the scenes at Art’s chocolate factory.

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  1. What I like about this clip is how relaxed and laid back the owner seems to be, especially for a food that’s notoriously complicated to make!

  2. The huge shame is that back in the 1920’s and 30’s, all around the world, there were chocolate processors – all running their own factories. These days all the machines are gone, the know-how is gone, it’s all tied up in a few large companies that everyone relies on. (In that clip – look at the dates on the machines… 1960’s is the youngest I saw).

    There are now very makers who roast their own beans, and process everything from start to finish. Which is a huge shame, because this is what gives the most variety and excitement. We have one I know of (terribly expensive) and maybe another, here in the bottom end of the world. It’s really good to see there are other small makers carrying the old methods on.

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