Amano Montanya

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Amano Montanya

To finish with Amano’s new bars, we have this 70% from Venezuela. The name of this one, Montanya, is interesting. This is mountain in Spanish, but they’re traded out the tilde for a “y,” presumably to make sure it’s pronounced right. The reason for this name is that the chocolate was grown in mountain plantations that can only be reached on horseback, as opposed to the usual valleys.

I’ve had the chance to try a lot of amazing chocolates, but I was still impressed by this one. To start off, I liked its design. The shadowy tree painting against the shiny black was the perfect image to begin my chocolate ritual with. Slowly open up the box, slide the precious gold out, carefully fold back the foil, delicately snap off one of the end columns, and snap off one piece, reveling in the gorgeous break. Then take the small pieces, turn it around, examine its pretty color and shape, inhale its aroma…

Amano Montanya

This one is supposed to taste of “apricot and marshmallow.” The two flavors come in that order, a part of the strong chocolate taste that mingles with their warm, summery kind of sweetness. Speaking of sweetness, it’s pretty sweet for a dark chocolate, but in such a nice way. It isn’t sugary or sickly at all, so I find this a good thing and I imagine so will most other people. The way it melts, paired with this, is just divine.

If you really love your friends and are willing to spend nine dollars on them, this would be a standout gift with quality they’ll appreciate and enjoy. Or you may just find yourself hoarding it all, for which this bar is also fabulous.


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  1. Christine

    This one sounds the best of all the Amano bars you’ve reviewed. I especially love the design of the pack. Very swish looking!

  2. Quin

    Checking out this chocolate, I saw that it is made with Venezuelan beans, but manufacture in the U.S. and not Venezuela, as you post it.
    Rgds., JS

  3. Quin: that is what I meant to say, but I guess the way I worded it was misleading. Thanks for the correction, anyway, though.

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