Amano Jembrana

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Amano Jembrana

Back in January, Dom reviewed Amano’s Madagascar and Ocumare bars. They’ve just introduced this limited edition bar from southwestern Bali, so they sent me a couple to sample. Under the shiny sleek box and gold wrapper, the chocolate is a dark brown (70% here) with an almost purple twang to it. The fifteen perfectly-sized pieces break off with a particularly beautiful sound. The dark smell has a bit of bitter to it.

This chocolate is very different from others I’ve had. It’s cool and silver, with a slight gray kind of bitterness. The nutty taste soon comes in with dusty, earthy tones. Then it gets warmer, feeling incredibly soft as it slowly dissolves. It ends with a hint of a red taste. This is one of the very clean chocolates, leaving only its memory and lingering flavors instead of thick layering.

Amano Jembrana

It’s described as “rich and gentle at the same time, without any harshness or astringency.” I think that gets right to what this chocolate is about. You can enjoy its flavor by simply letting it melt in your mouth, but not having to get all detailed in tasting. It reaches its hand out to you instead of making you climb up to its height.


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