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Halloren Kugeln

Soft, sweet and alcoholic chocolate domes.

Demarquette Great British Orchard

Orchard fruit flavour caramel chocolates.

Zotter Plum Brandy

One of the more down to Earth flavour combinations from Austrian chocolate maker Zotter.

Zotter Coffee Plum With Caramelised Bacon

Well would you look at that. Another slightly mad chocolate bar from Zotter. Who would ever have thought. Oh, and more bacon too. Because it’s just not real chocolate if it doesn’t contain bacon. The official description of this bar …

Skelligs Brandy Plums

It’s always lovely to come across a new company making something that’s not only a little different but also delicious. Even better when that delicious chocolatey treat has a more sophisticated, darker sibling, May I present Skelligs’ Brandy Plums? Hand …
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