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Rococo Chocolate & Wine Pairing With Le Vieux Comptoir

A wonderful evening of chocolate & wine.

Chocolatier Herzog Selection

Delicious and beautiful chocolates from Sven Herzog.

The Chocolate Shop Chocolate Lover’s Wine

Can chocolate flavoured wine really work?

Rogers Chocolates Icewine Truffle

54% chocolate with a Canadian icewine filling.

Zotter Coffee Plum With Caramelised Bacon

Well would you look at that. Another slightly mad chocolate bar from Zotter. Who would ever have thought. Oh, and more bacon too. Because it’s just not real chocolate if it doesn’t contain bacon. The official description of this bar …

Paul A. Young Chateau Civrac Ganache Grapes

As a chocolate blogger, the only thing more satisfying than the postman knocking on your door with a package full of chocolate, is when that package has a “Paul A. Young Fine Chocolates” label on it. My life has now …

Zotter Schönberger Red

Something else from our favourite Austrian chocolate maker, and this time it’s a boozy little bar containing Schönberger red wine. In keeping with Zotter’s organic / fair trade ingredients policy, the red wine is also organic. There are also a …

Cocoa Farm Shiraz Chocolate Wine Barrels

Now that we’ve had the recent Cocoa Farm query cleared up, let’s get on to more interesting and important matters, such as their new Shiraz chocolate wine barrels. Cocoa Farm is rapidly becoming known as THE chocolatier in Australia who …

Cocoa Farm Pinot Noir

We recently found Cocoa Farm by accident. They even seem to export to the UK, though the packaging is quite different. In Australia, it’s not that easy to find – some of the second line supermarkets stock the range, and …

Cukrček Dark Chocolate with Teran

More chocolate from Slovenia, courtesy of Barica, our Slovenian chocolate exporting friend. This is part of a range made by Benedict, a family run business which has been operating in Ljubljana for some fifteen years or so. The chocolate is …

Cocoa Farm Shiraz Vintage Chocolate

The more health conscious among you will no doubt already be aware that a good quality chocolate contains a fair amount of antioxidants. Well this bar from Australia, via Cocoa Farm also contains something called Vinlife; natural antioxidants from Australian …
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