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Wawel Tiramisu

The classic Italian dessert recreated in chocolate form.

Dark Chocolate Face-Off: Wawel 90% vs Lindt 85%

Two high cocoa dark chocolate bars.

Wawel 70% With Orange Peel

Yet another visit to the local Vietnamese butcher, yet more Polish chocolate. The Wawel range carried in that place is just crazy, but I think I must have tried them all by now. Not everything ends up with a review …

Wawel Platki Czekoladowe

I was at my local Vietnamese butcher the other day. The one that sells chocolate. Naturally. Polish chocolate. As you do. Amongst my haul of sausages, steaks and chickens I just happened to accidentally stand in front of the chocolate …

Wawel Blok Orzechowy

I’ve been to my supplier of Polish chocolate. (Does small dance for joy). And they have a whole lot of new goodies there. (Does even bigger dance). Of course, I don’t speak Polish and would not know what most of …

Wawel Danusia

Just recently, the Lady Of The House and I visited the Adelaide Central Market. In our small town, this is the place for fresh food and Strange Things. Many of the stalls sell chocolate goodies, there are chocolate fountains, and …

Wawel Gorzka Krakowska

I was in my favourite shop for finding strange chocolaty things, and turned up the Wawel Gorzka Krakowska. Just the name is appealing: GORZKA! Say that a few times drawing it out. Sounds like the name of a gangster or …
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