Wawel 70% With Orange Peel

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Yet another visit to the local Vietnamese butcher, yet more Polish chocolate. The Wawel range carried in that place is just crazy, but I think I must have tried them all by now. Not everything ends up with a review here.

But I don’t know what I was thinking – I read the label – 70% dark chocolate and thought this would make an interesting comparison review. Perhaps do a side-by-side of a few 70% darks… Then checked again just before taking the photos and realised this is 70% with orange. Oh dear. Now I have some other 70% chocolates that will just have to be eaten. What a shame.

For comparison, a quick refresh on Chocablog for choc-orange brings back some fond memories: Delicaseys Orange Bliss, and the Koaka. Of coarse there are also some not-so-fond but we won’t dwell on those.

I have to start with the packaging on this. Yes, its just another 100g bar (at a very reasonable price – under A$3.00) wrapped in paper. Most packaging is something I don’t care a great deal about, but on this the gold lettering and general choice of colours is quite appealing.

Opening the pack reveals very little aroma, and unlike some of the Wawel range this is very nicely presented – nice colour and shine. That little discoloured mark you can see is the orange peel lurking inside. When they say this has orange peel in, they aren’t kidding. Breaking a piece off the block occasionally reveals the hidden treasure.

And it’s nice: really very yumbly. The chocolate has a rich and slightly vanilla taste, it’s not too sweet and there is the tiniest hint of bitterness; I’ve found many of the Wawel chocolates have a similar and quite characteristic flavour. Letting the chocolate melt away reveals little orange flavour bombs. Unlike some chocolates where the orange is infused, this does actually allow the chocolate and orange to be tasted separately; both characters are there for the testing. If on the other hand you just gobble and crunch the chocolate up you get the orange springing up pretty quickly. Either way of eating this is good!

For a low cost product, this is very good indeed, and puts other chocolates at double the price to shame. Worth a try.


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  1. I love this chocolate. 🙂
    I completely agree with you, as you wrote “this does actually allow the chocolate and orange to be tasted separately; both characters are there for the testing.”
    Good to see that polish chocolates are know in other countries 😉


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