Wawel Tiramisu

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As usual for my adventures in Wawel products, I picked this up my local Vietnamese butcher. When I found it I considered reviewing it, but instead took it into the office for a meeting. These days when I have to attend meetings, I take chocolate. Strangely enough, meetings are much nicer this way. So here’s a hint, ladies and gents – to make yourself popular, give your teeth that sparkling look, have a better sex life, and make meetings more enjoyable – take chocolate. OK, perhaps I exaggerate a little. It would work as a TV ad. Perhaps I need a career change.

Anyhow, the reaction when I opened this to share around was very positive, with one attendee saying: “Gee – something that actually tastes like it says on the pack”. I have to agree. So much so I went and bought another to photograph and taste properly so I could write about it.

As the label says – Tiramisu Filled Chocolate. And it is. Quite how they manage to fill something the size and shape of this eludes me. But it’s pretty good. Opening the pack gives a big whiff of sweetness and richness. And on the eating there’s creaminess and something that seems a lot like rum. A check of the ingredients shows some unspecific alcohol (so that must be good, right?) along with cream, wafers, coffee and a few things you’d rather not know about – like hydrogenated vegetable fat.

If you’ve ever had the good fortune to make a pig of yourself on a proper Tiramisu, then you’ve had a small slice of heaven. This chocolate is not that but it does get reasonably close, and in a mass market product that sits on a shelf for weeks, this is pretty good going. And just like the real thing, the richness means you don’t want to eat too much in a sitting. So take some to a meeting, see what reaction you get.


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  1. Kasia


    It makes a difference to hear that our Polish products are so atractive so far away 🙂
    Thanx for this blog and greetings from Poland!

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