Wawel Platki Czekoladowe

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Wawel Platki Czekoladowe

I was at my local Vietnamese butcher the other day. The one that sells chocolate. Naturally. Polish chocolate. As you do.

Amongst my haul of sausages, steaks and chickens I just happened to accidentally stand in front of the chocolate shelves for a few minutes, and by sheer coincidence pick something up. And then quite unexpectedly it found its way to the counter to get paid for.

Gosh, what a surprise! Some more Polish chocolate found its way home. How ever could that have happened?

Today’s haul is “Platki Czekoladowe” – which means Chocolate Flakes.

Wawel Platki Czekoladowe

As you can see from the inside of the packet, presentation ain’t a huge strong point. These are mass produced, and quite cheaply if the appearance is anything to go by.

We have a very thin wafer-style biscuit, coated on all sides in chocolate – hence the flake. At 43% cocoa solids, the chocolate is quite on the dark side. The aroma is not all that strong, and the chocolate layer is quite thin so that you don’t get a huge belt of flavour either. But what you get is quite pleasant. One is nowhere near enough. After eating one, a few more were needed to see if the initial impression was right or not. Did I say a few more? Well, actually about 6 or 10 more.

I then put these on the kitchen table to see what reaction they’d raise from the two teenage vultures. They treat some of the chocolate finds with a large degree of scepticism; not so this time. The remains of the pack were gobbled up, and oldest son even found time in a busy schedule of computer game playing to come and tell me: “Pretty good, those”.

That’s about my feeling too. Not the topmost quality you will ever find, but another of the cheap-and-cheerful products that you can scoff down very easily.


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  1. Verghityax

    Vietnamese butcher. Polish chocolate. That’s a bit of an image shift in my book of reference 🙂

  2. Ashleigh

    How do you think I feel? I do my shopping there. It’s an unusual mix 🙂

  3. Flavia

    Lovely post 🙂

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