Wawel Danusia

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Wawel Danusia

Just recently, the Lady Of The House and I visited the Adelaide Central Market. In our small town, this is the place for fresh food and Strange Things. Many of the stalls sell chocolate goodies, there are chocolate fountains, and so on. But chocolate was not the purpose of our visit. We actually went to buy Olive oil, and some really nice properly cured ham, and grapes, and olives, and cheese… but I digress.

We might not have set out to buy chocolate, but the place selling that really nicely cured ham was also selling strange imported chocolate. As you do. I couldn’t resist. Lousy willpower. I didn’t even really check what I was buying. It was chocolate, I hadn’t seen it before. What other reason does one need? Okay???

After taunting me for a few days, it was time to open Wawel Danusia, and see if she was as attractive inside the packet as her photo on the outside would suggest.

Wawel Danusia

Today, I’m not even trying to translate the Polish, I’m just eating. So the first thing impression was MINT. The aroma is quite strong, causing me to take another look at the pack. Ah hah! Mint leaves pictured. That explains it.

Based on appearances, this should be a mint chocolate bar with a few segments. Just breaking one off for a taste should do.

Nope. Fail. This reminds me of a giant After Dinner Mint – the kind that were such a big thing about 20 years ago. I have no idea why this is marked with the lines, inviting your to break it into segments or pieces, because it does not so much break as crumple into pieces, leaving a sticky white minty goo everywhere.

Wawel Danusia

The minty goo is not unpleasant, there is just rather a lot of it, it’s very minty and sweet, and it gets everywhere. This, then is not something for sharing. Unless you are sharing it with a Main Squeeze or a Very Good Friend… if you get my drift. My intention was to try a piece and get the rest of family to cast an opinion. But it made such a sticky mess that I had to eat the whole thing myself. What a shame.

This is sweet, sticky, minty, and very retro. The chocolate gets lost in the mintiness, so it’s purpose really is to act as a carrier between the mint goo factory, and you. Unlike the old after dinner mints, this is a lot bigger. Imagine about 4 of those mints to a single pack, and once you start you have to keep going – or share intimately. If you like mint, seek this out. If you don’t, then don’t.


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  1. Hi,

    Danusia (this being a diminutive of Danuta) also has a “Classic” taste, which has cocoa-nut filling. Has blue wrapping: http://www.wawel.com.pl/pl/produkty/item/g,37,p,131,Danusia_Classic.html

    I found the minty one a few times but it was not widely distributed in Poland. Unfortunately, it’s only easy to eat on cold days, when the mint goo inside gets a bit firmer 😉

  2. It looks yummy to me – sticky and gooey won’t put me off!

  3. Maggie

    I loved the original one, with its subtle alcoholic flavoured filling. It was one of my favourite snacks at school. I didn’t even know they still make them – I’ll have to keep my eyes open for Danusia when I’m in Poland 🙂

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