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Vanini Chocolate Bars

A new range of bars from Italy.

Rococo Bird Of Paradise Eggs

Flavoured caramel mini eggs from Rococo.

Rococo Chocolates Valentines Fresh Ganaches

Handmade Valentines chocolate from Rococo.

Creative Confections Truffles

A selection of beautiful fresh chocolates from Arizona.

Matcha Chocolat Mixed Selection

This first anniversary box represents something of a departure for Matcha, with more of the chocolates inspired by other herbs and spices.

John & Kira’s Urban Garden Bars

Most of us know by now about the ethical choices chocolate-makers can stand by; we also know that no matter how many stamps, seals, and labels a chocolate has, taste still matters. I am happy, therefore, to introduce you to …

Lindt ‘Chocolat Provence’ Wild Berries and Rosemary

The sister bar to the orange and thyme bar I reviewed last year, this 30% cocoa milk chocolate bar packs a huge punch of rosemary flavour as soon as it starts to melt. The herb flavour dominates for the majority …

Cocoa Bean Dark Chocolate With Christmas Tree

Well, we’re only a few weeks away from Christmas, and of course that means seasonal chocolate products are already making their way onto the shelves. The Cocoa Bean ladies were good enough to send me this rather interesting little number …

Cukrček Dark Chocolate: Cloves & Rosemary

These were the other two ‘factory’ bars from Cukrček that Barica sent over from Slovenia a while back. (Yes, I know Barica – a LONG while back. Sorry!) Both use the same base chocolate that the Teran Wine bar I …
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