Cukrček Dark Chocolate: Cloves & Rosemary

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These were the other two ‘factory’ bars from Cukrček that Barica sent over from Slovenia a while back. (Yes, I know Barica – a LONG while back. Sorry!)

Both use the same base chocolate that the Teran Wine bar I reviewed a while back uses, so I’ll concentrate on the additional flavours – in this case Rosemary in one bar and Cloves in the other.

The Rosemary bar was up first, and the label kindly informed me that rosemary has a stimulative effect on the circulation and central nervous system, and can help with depression. Apparently it can also help people that frequently feel dizzy. Very interesting.

Now I happen to love rosemary. No, really. I LOVE rosemary. If I spot some growing I cannot help but grab a stem and rub the leaves between my hands before inhaling the gorgeous scent. It’s THAT sort of love. Easy enough to guess that I was somewhat enthusiastic about this one.

I’m pleased to report that I wasn’t disappointed either. Once on the tongue, the rosemary flavour began to slowly build as the chocolate melted. I found that the balance of flavours was just right – any more rosemary and I’d have lost the bittersweet elements of the (64% Cocoa) dark chocolate. Any less and it would have been too bland. I now find myself torn between conservation and gluttony. Do I preserve it until I find more rosemary chocolate or just pig out?

The second bar contained cloves. I believe I recently made public my opinion of cloves. In short, I don’t care for them much. As for cloves and chocolate – well, I wasn’t exactly salivating at the thought of tasting this particular bar.

When it came to the crunch (or should that be the snap?) I’m afraid I did something that I have never done in however many reviews – I spat out a piece of chocolate!

Yes, the clove flavour is really that strong. Overpowering any cocoa flavours (for this palate at least) the medicinal sharpness of the cloves killed off my taste buds in seconds, leaving me reaching for a couple of glasses of water and cancelling any further reviewing for that evening. Too much for me, but maybe not for someone who loves cloves in the way I love rosemary.


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