Lindt ‘Chocolat Provence’ Wild Berries and Rosemary

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Lindt 'Chocolat Provence' Wild Berries and Rosemary

The sister bar to the orange and thyme bar I reviewed last year, this 30% cocoa milk chocolate bar packs a huge punch of rosemary flavour as soon as it starts to melt. The herb flavour dominates for the majority of the time, with the citrus tang of the berries (and a good amount of their seeds) finish off with a good mouth-cleansing tartness. It is a curious mix of flavours, but as I for one adore the taste of rosemary I was very happy to have found this.

The cocoa flavours are there as well – very soft, creamy milk chocolate with a little extra sweetness from the berries. When I tasted this I had a couple of squares, and the sweet richness of the chocolate meant I wouldn’t have wanted to eat much more in one sitting.

This is one of the most enduring Chocablog requests – why don’t Lindt sell this stuff in the UK? Granted, this bar is a little left of centre, but I for one have tried so many Lindt bars that could only be bought in Europe. It’s a shame not to have so much choice. There again, you’d have to open a dedicated Lindt store (in itself, not a bad idea).


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  1. Opr8iVe

    Just got a gift from a friend from Germany, A Lindt ‘Zitrone-Lavendel Traum’
    Same theme, Lemon and Lavender in a white chocolate base. Awesome bar. I wish I could get ahold of these bars (even by mail order) but I just cant find them anywhere.

    Theres also a spiced Lindt bar I’ve tried “Geheimnisvolles Afrika” (African Spice) As near as I can tell it has coriander, Carroway, and something else I cant place in a dark chocolate base. Again, Really great (if different) bar, and again something I wish we could score here in the states.

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