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Seeing something new from Lindt on my supermarket shelves isn’t really a cause for excitement, but it does make me curious enough to pick up said product for at least a quick onceover. And that was definitely the case with the two new Passion bars, particularly because of the unique packaging.

Lindt have finally decided that people should see the bar inside the box, something which might have to do with the fact that the bar which weighs in at 97g costs the same as the heftier 150g Creation bars. So not only does the box have a cutout, the sealed foil wrapper have a clear cellophane section which revealed the pistachio-encrusted milk chocolate. And it looks pretty good too.

Taking the bar out of its packaging reveals a brand new design for Lindt although it isn’t one I’m particularly fond of. There are no squares to speak of, just a wavy pattern which is broken up by a section bearing the Lindt name repeatedly. It makes it very hard to break off regularly sized pieces of the bar even if it does look nice. The other side is studded with the featured ingredients, and they appear to be stuck well enough in the chocolate that they don’t readily fall out.

The milk chocolate of an undetermined cocoa solids percentage is lovely and creamy, but it is clearly an orange flavoured bar – if you like orange chocolate, you will be very happy with this. A quick look at the ingredients tells me that the nuts are actually a mix of both pistachios and almonds although the pistachios dominate and provide a nice nutty texture and contrast to the. There are also little pieces of candied orange mixed in with the nuts, giving moments of more intense orange.

So I like it. I like it a lot – it is a pretty straight-forward bar that promises exactly what it delivers and it is easy to eat in one sitting. Or at least, it was for me. It probably isn’t worth the premium price that Lindt have put on it, but chances are I will pick it up again when I need a nice bar of orangey milk chocolate.


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  1. I tried it a few day’s ago, has a some kind of a “different” taste, but it’s ok.
    I love Lindt chocolate and their original ideas, so can not say that it’s bad 🙂

  2. China

    Orange and Pistachio/Chocolate what a treat! My tongue is very happy.
    Thanks Lindt!

  3. icy

    i really really love this chocolate! ♥♥♥

  4. I really love Lindt, but I feel the new Passion bar with orange and pistachio is good but it is not worth the 4 and a half dollars. The orange bar is between 250 to 3 bucks, Lindt is the only chocolate I eat. I just do not think its worth the extra 150.

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